Saturday, January 31, 2009

Craft'n and Bake'n

Hey All,

First of all I would like to thank Angie over on Children In The Corn for the dry sourdough starter she sent me. I can't wait until tomorrow so I can start reactivating it. You can read all about how she made this here on her blog. Thank You Angie :)

I'll keep you posted with this in the next few days.

Yesterday I hauled out all the bins with fabric in them to look to see if I could find a spool of thread. I ran out of thread! You can tell I'm not an experienced sewer or I wouldn't have ran out. While going through I found a couple of aprons that was bought when we bought this machine for our daughter several years ago for her and her best friend to make. Needless to say the sewing machine just got to have didn't last long and the only things she made with it was a couple of boa's from fleece and a couple of pillows. Anyhow I pulled those aprons out to do up.

Red, White, and Blue they will look good hanging in the kitchen.

I would love to make an apron like my cousin made for her daughter for Christmas. She hasn't sewn in years and pulled out her old machine and whipped up a beautiful apron. Go here and take a look. I have this on my to do list.

Craft'n Updates...

I've been neglecting my crocheting. This is far from finished I had better get busy on it or hubby may find it hard to use. He wanted one that was Carolina Blue so that means light blue.

Here is the scrap pillow quilt I have started for Kaylee. Still a long ways to go yet but atleast it's for a toddler bed. This is my first quilt! Okay I'm really not sure is it a quilt? I found the idea here on Cut Out & Keep.

Now for the yum-a-licious banana bread I made today. OH MY GOSH it's so good! Colin was drooling before it ever came out of the oven. The only thing I didn't do was add the nuts because my kids don't like nuts. I found this recipe over on my cousin's blog click here for the recipe.

Banana Bread w/Cream Cheese.... it should be called Mouth Watering Goodness!

That's about all I have for now. It was a rather quiet day around here for a change. Jene` spent the night with a friend and didn't come home until this evening. Dale went to play basketball with his friends for the afternoon. And Colin went to the circus with friends. Tony and I made a trip to Aldi's while the kids were gone to stock up on some groceries. It seemed good having a Saturday that I wasn't running from here to there.

Take Care :)


scrappy quilter said...

Heh there that scrap pillow quilt is going to be awesome. I can't wait to see it finished.

How about passing me a slice of banana bread. Oooh I love banana bread.

You asked about my Quilts for the North. I make baby quilts and single quilts and send them to the northern Reservations (First Nations Peoples) here in our province of Manitoba. It's my dream that every child have a quilt in the north. I have a couple of people who distribute them for me because most of them go by boat or plane. HTH

Mel said...

I just love the pillow quilt you're starting, that is so cute! Your banana bread turned out great, It makes me want to give in, and take one out of the freezer. Mmmmm!

I have something waiting for you over at my blog, please come over and see what is waiting there for you.

Love Ya,