Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Fun Filled Weekend!

Hey All,

It's been a busy fun filled time around here in the past week. There was the pageant, derby race, and Dale's birthday. A good mixture of events to keep us entertained. It will seem good to have a quiet week and a semi quiet weekend.

Here she is coming out in the gown catergory.

She didn't place but she had a blast. The thrill of being nominated once again by her peers. The hours of gown shopping. The excuse to go tanning. The rare occassions to get nails and hair done. Having fun at practices with the other girls learning the dance routine.

Here she is afterwards with her bestfriend.

Saturday was the derby race. Now this scouting event we mother's have decided that it's more for the dads but the boys do help with putting their cars together and they had a lot of fun at the race.

Waiting in line to weigh in.

Come on blue truck!!!

Oh well maybe next year!
What does one do when they are bored at the races? They go put together a foam car.

Here are the tiger cub cars. All of them were different. Colin's is the blue truck. It was the only truck made and he got an award for the best painted. Since this was their first year they took note of all the other cars the older boys made for next year.

Sunday was Dale's birthday. OH MY GOSH!!! He's 15! It doesn't seem possible. The years have gown by so quickly it only seems like yesterday that I bought him home from the hospital. It seems like yesterday that he started his first day of school. And today he is in high school with all these goals of his own for the future.


In my spare moments the past few days I have been doing some light reading...

Books on quilting and so far they haven't helped much. Household tip books. Found one tip that I have to try real soon. Boiling socks with lemons to get them white. Dale can put on a brand new pair of socks and when he takes them off they look like he has worn them for a year. I bleach and bleach them but they never seem to be white again. Recipe books for breads and muffins and I can't wait to try out a couple of them. And then there is the books on how to raise chickens. Yes, we are still thinking seriously about doing it. We have done a lot of online research and most of the things we have read in the books we have already read online. But there have been a few things like the section about building a coop that has come in handy. Hubby seems to be pulling away from the idea but I'm hoping after he reads these books he will get on board once again. It seems like there are a few others that are interested in raising chickens because I had to request these books they were always checked out and it's taken almost 3 months to get them.

I bought a bunch of fabric squares off ebay a few years ago. I was determined to learn how to sew. Well, now after 4 or is it 5 years of having this sewing machine I still don't really know what I'm doing. I got all these out yesterday and started playing around with them to see what kinds of combinations I could come up with. I've decided to use these to make a scrap pillow quilt for Kaylee. Don't tell the kids I'm starting a project for the grandkids! They alreay think those two are spoiled rotten and that I love them more because mom is always making something for one of them first.

I'm off to get this day really started now that all the kids are in school. The laundry and dishes are waiting to be cleaned. I need to find something for dinner and a trip to the dump is a must.

Take Care :)


The Southern Mom said...

Oh the pageants, the derby races, birthdays...I think I'll burst out in song..."Memmmmorrriessss..." or not!

Susan said...

Adding quilting to your list. Gosh Vickie, still havent told me where you find all this time??? :)

Sandra said...

I enjoyed every single photo you posted :) So much fun :)

Katie said...

Found you through Farm Suite...cute blog you have here.

I have been doing a bit of quilting myself....how fun!

scrappy quilter said...

OOoh you're going to start quilting. I can't wait to see the finished project.