Monday, January 5, 2009

It's A Long One!

Hey All,

It's Monday and the first day back to school after a long winter break. One child left an hour ago one just walked out the door to go to the bus stop and the other is still getting ready. The boyfriend just arrived to take the one to school before he heads back to college today. Ahhhhh it's going to be quiet around here for a few hours.

We have had a very busy week of the usual comings and going of the kids and with the newest thing I have found called freecycle. Oh wow!! I found some wonderful finds on freecycle... shelves, computer desk, and pillows. I got all of them from one place... Thank You Lisa!

Here are the shelves... 2 white, a crome, a metal red one, and a mail holder. When I saw the red shelf and mail holder I couldn't believe they were painted the same color that I want to do 2 walls in the kitchen. When I went to pick these up she said here take this also and it was a little crome shelf. After getting home and looking at my newly aquired finds I took a better look at it and discovered that it went with the kitchen caddy I bought last year.

This beautiful computer desk. Totally awesome!

Pillows Pillows Pillows... my kids are pillow crazy and these extras will come in handy.

Now I know you are all wanting to see more pictures right? Of course you do!

Here is the desk after everything was put into place. It looks GREAT on this wall.

One white shelf...

and the other white shelf.

Can you see that little crome shelf behind the kitchen caddy. It's a perfect match.

The red metal shelf and mail holder went on the wall with my wooden plaques.

With so many throw pillows I decided to make a little area for reading. Colin loves it!

Thanks again Lisa everything looks awesome!

Here is the dishcloth and towel I crocheted after Christmas. Awe it seemed so good to do a quick and easy project. And with that done I have now started another afghan. I started it the other night and Jene` and Nick were here watching TV and noticed what I was making and all of a sudden I heard... I didn't get one for Christmas that's not fair... is that one for me? And then I heard... no this one is for me. I'm sorry I couldn't get all the kids one made in time for Christmas because I have heard from each of them that didn't get one. I said who ever didn't get one this year will get one next year. I heard many it's not fair! Josh, Jessie, Jene` and of course the boyfriend Nick is all on the list and they have all made sure to tell me what colors they want. But the one I've started is for hubby and it's baby blue or as he says it's CAROLINA BLUE.

It's pageant time again! And you all know what that means hours of dress shopping. I think she tried on 20 different dresses and narrowed it down to 3 to chose from. I couldn't believe she decided on the red with white polka dots. Buts it's cute and it says teen and it says I just want to have fun. The other thing is she can't gain an ounce or it's not going to fit!!!! We need to take it today after she gets home from school up to Kim's to be hemmed.

Down the sides it laces and the back panel will snap out if you want to but she has already been told that the panel stays in and if she can still wear it when she is 20 then she can take out the side panels.

Are you all tired of reading and looking at pictures yet? Oh well there is still more.

I bought that pancake puff kit after Christmas. And I think I told you in another posting that after I bought it I got online to see about finding more recipes for it and came across an article about how hard it was to work with. Let me tell you it's the easiest thing ever! You do have to be careful so you don't get burned but it's cast iron so you should know that you would have to be careful. I decided to make the kids a special snack last night and just used a chocolate box cake mix, canned butter cream frosting, and powdered sugar.

The puff pan. You get it good and hot before starting on medium heat.

I used a chocolate cake mix. It even comes with a little potholder that fits snug onto the handle.

After a couple minutes flip them over with the turning stick provided in the kit. Now I did this with one hand and was able to take this picture with the other.

This is after they have been turned.

Some I sprinkled with powdered sugar and others I filled with butter cream frosting and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It comes with this little handy filler thingy.

They are all done and it took no more time than if you were making up cupcakes. The kids loved them!

I found this at Target and have seen it advertise on TV a lot during the holidays. If you want to see more about it go here to the offical website. And also if you would like to see the article that had me worried about if I made a good purchase or not go here to read and watch the video. Oh one more thing clean up on this was so easy!

Only one more thing to share with you all. The other day after Brendon and Kaylee left I went to take down the playpen and look who I found in it...

that darn cat! Pumpkin had been eyeballing the playpen while Kaylee was here but didn't try to get in it but as soon as she left he claimed it. He was in there for 3 hours before he got up from his nap and started terrorizing the house.

Okay I know you are all tired of reading and looking at pictures and that's good because I'm done. The kids should all be in school and in class now. I'm slow it took 2 hours putting this all together. Now it's time for me to get busy the washer has stopped and I can hear those clothes yelling at me... DRY ME! DRY ME! I've been going through some stuff to put on freecycle so far the old computer stand, some books, and movies. Got a few more things to go through before I start listing everything. I better get busy!

Take Care :)


The Southern Mom said...

Great finds!

That dress is to die for! Oh yeah! Keep the panels in. It's too cute with them!

Love that cat.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

queenoftheclick said...

I absolutely adore you blog because you talk about all the topics that I love - house decor, clothing, cooking & family!

I love that desk - wow it is beautiful. I actually made it large and sat here and admired it. It's stunning. Great freecycle deal.

You made those shelves work beautifully. Love the pillow area too.

Your daughter's dress is so charming. I love that it is a real teen dress and not overly done as some of my young students try to be at their prom. She has good taste and red always looks great in pictures. What kind of pagent is it?

I was thinking that pancake pan would be hard to use - I'll have to grab one and make some now that I see how easy it is!

Farm Chick Paula said...

That puff pan is the neatest thing ever!! I may have to own one of those....
Love the new computer desk, too Vickie!! You got all kinds of goodies!!

MsFit said...

Thanks for the freecycle info! Also, I have one of the puff pans, just picked it up at the thrift store not knowing what to do with it, now I know!
Thank you thank you thank you!