Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monday's Snow Day

Hey All,

Things have been a little unsettling around here for the past couple of weeks. The majority of my attention has been with the school, teachers, and my 7 year old. Lets just say it got to the point where I had to set up a meeting with the principal and teachers so both of us parents could be there. Anyway I won't go into details of this because it got to the point where I have lost all faith in his teacher. It's a good thing there is only a few months of school left. I will say that after the meeting yesterday with the principal I do feel somewhat better and now she is aware of what we have been dealing with.

Over the weekend it started raining Friday night and by Sunday morning our yard looked like a pool. Sunday afternoon around 1:00 it turned to sleet and by 5:30 it had turned to snow. It wasn't like the other 2 snows we had this year it was good to play in.
This picture was taken Sunday night. The kids were excited because it meant no school for the following day. Colin once again wore his PJ's inside out so it would snow more before morning. You all remember his teen sister had told him if the weatherman said it might snow that he needed to wear his PJ's inside out and it would snow. He did and Monday this is what he was able to do the majority of the day.
Go sledding!!!! At the age of 7 this was the first time since he was 2 that he has been able to do this. He went down this hill so many times that he wore all the snow off and was trying to go down it in the mud.

We made 2 snowmen one out back and the other out front.

Make snow angels!

We even went walking in the woods. I wouldn't go as far as he wanted to go because I was afraid we would fall down the steep hill and not be able to get back up it. But he was thrilled that we went as far as we did.

Pumpkin out on the old fence.

Who cares if it snowed basketball still has to be practiced. I think the child is CRAZY! After this Dale went down to his friend's house and played for 4 hours having snowball fights.

Jene` loves taking the dogs out in it. It took some doing to get them to stand still long enough to click the picture.
Now for this next picture. I'm not sure what these are they have been abandoned long ago at the edge of the woods by the previous owners. I'm thinking about moving them and planting vines to go around them. What do you think? Does anyone know what they are?

I've got to cut this short and get to my ramblings at another time. It's starting to warm up outside and I have to make that dreaded trip to the grocery store.
Take Care :)


scrappy quilter said...

I'm so sorry you are having trouble with the teacher. There are gifted teachers and then a few...well we just won't go there. It's one of the reasons I've homeschooled. Hang in you said only a couple of months and school is over for this year.

Your pictures are great. It's starting to melt a bit here so hopefully spring is just around the corner. We are suppose to get freezing rain later today though.

The Southern Mom said...

I can't count the number of time I've had "teacher/parent" meeting! And most of those still ended up in the principal's office. I don't know what your problems are, but on my end, it always seemed to be the kids' fault...never the teacher...until I got involved! But, that's our job...protecting our little ones.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Snowmen and snowangles....awesome!

Debbie said...

Your snow is awsome! We had snow this year also, enough to tube and sled. Those of us who live in areas that seldom see snow are the only ones excited about it. Hope things work out for your sons school. Its great that you are a mom who will do something.

Susan said...

We had 2 snow days this week. A first for us. Played all day in the snow.

Good luck with school.

Farm Chick Paula said...

The snow is so pretty! I'm still ready for spring though... it can't get here soon enough for me!