Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sprained Ankle, Colds, and Stomach Bug

Hey All,

It seems like forever that I've been on here to blog or to see what everyone else is up to. We had been doing well on staying well this winter until the last couple of weeks. Now it's like a germ bomb was dropped and everyone has had their share of being sick. It started with colds and sore throats taking it's turn going from person to person. Seemed like as soon as one was feeling somewhat better another would get it. Then there was the mishap at school and one with a sprained ankle. Now it's the stomach bug and fever. Oh and I do believe another round of sore throats both teens were complaining as they were getting ready for school.

During all this I also had the little ones here for 4 days and one of them came with a yucky green snotty nose. I did manage to get her better before it was time for them to go home. I'm hoping tomorrow everyone will be in school and I can finally have a day to myself. I know that sounds selfish of me doesn't it? I just need a few hours! At this moment I don't know what I would do with my few hours of alone time... clean, read, run errands, take a long hot bath, laundry, work on crafts, or just take a nap. Whatever it is I know that I will be alone with the exception of the animals.

I wish this whacky weather would make up it's mind this morning I woke and it was only 22 out. A week or so of it being in the 40's when we get up and getting into the 70's and then overnight it's down into the 20's and only getting into the 40's for the high. I'm ready for spring!

I better get moving the child that is home today is feeling a lot better his fever broke late last night and he has been able to keep down some food today. He still isn't eating much but he is keeping it down. But he has some homework that needs to be finished up before I send him back to school tomorrow. Then I'm going to finish up cleaning and the laundry so maybe tomorrow I can get out the pillow quilt and start working on that again.

Take Care :)


scrappy quilter said...

Heh, it was good to see you posting again. Hope you're all feeling much better soon.

Yes it's a simple nine patch. Charms are 5 inch squares that come in a package cut that way. I've found them in packaged in 40 and 48 - 5 inch squares. Why they are called charms I'm not sure. The ones I made the quilt with I got 50 to the package.

I love getting your comments. They are always so sweet.


The Southern Mom said...

Oh.My.Gosh...Calgon take me away! (or rather you!) Goodness, when one gets sick they all do, huh? Well, I'll be thinking about you (well...I have been anyway...I've been doing some crocheting...as soon as I get one of these "things" done and if it looks good I'll blog about it.)

Oh, and thanks for giving me permission to rant and rave...it's been a bad few weeks, and I really hate to blog about it, but that's my life lately! I'm really glad I have such sweet blog friends!

MaggieBrown said...

I have a recommendation for you. I haven't been sick in over a year because of a new product for kids called Germy Wormy. Before that, it was nasty like you are living through.

Here's their website. www.germywormy.com

Susan said...

Hope all is feeling better!

Sandra said...

We've all been sick for the past two weeks, it's horrible isn't it?

Hoping you all start feeling better soon :)