Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Little Of This...A Little Of That...

Hey All,

I'm bad! So bad! I haven't blogged in so long and now this is going to be a looooooooong posting. So much to share so let me get started and see if I can make a short version of this.

Gone fishing. We went fishing during spring break and it was quite the experience. We tried to get Colin to bait his own hook with minnows and lets just say that didn't go over very well. He wouldn't touch them. So I asked him if he would rather have worms the next time and he said yes. The next day it had rained and when it stopped I said lets go out and gather up some worms so when you and daddy go fishing again. We went out he looked at one and said this one is too fat. He looked at another and said this is too fat. I will only touch skinny ones. Well, we never found one that was skinny enough for him to touch and he said I think I will wait until next year to do this.

We had the little ones for 4 days over spring break. You all know I love them to death but that 4th day I'm so ready for my daughter to get here and get them. But atleast this time they weren't sick and no one here was sick. Little Miss Kaylee has gotten where she wouldn't take a nap and so by 6:00 every evening it was a struggle to keep her awake. By 8:30 she was asking to go to bed and normal falling to sleep within minutes after putting her down. This one night I put her down and had to leave to go pick up Jene` from work and upon returning home this is what I found...
Yes, papa was in the playpen with her! I said... What are you doing? If you break that you are going to have to buy another one!!! He said but she kept calling for me to come get in so finally I got in and she was happy. He went to get out and I said oh no you don't you have brought this upon yourself and got the camera out. This man hates his picture taken but when you do something like this you just can't complain when I have to have a picture.

I used to make these cookies all the time some 20 years ago. They are so easy and good. Why haven't I made them in the past several years? Maybe because the recipe was in a box and had been long forgotten about. I was digging through my box trying to find a hotdog chili recipe that I used to make some 20 years ago and came across this Drop Sugar Cookie recipe and as I was trying to read it decided it would be a good day to make them. YUM......So Good! As you can see by the badly neglected paper I had to rewrite this recipe for future use.

As you can see they were a big hit!

Drop Sugar Cookies

3 3/4 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup shortening
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix ingredients in order. Drop from teaspoon onto greased pan. Bake 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees. Makes about 6 dozen.

Simon says reach for the sky.

Simon says group hug.

Now tell me what do you do when you have 2 little ones that want to run the vacuum?

I put one running the vacuum on the area rug..... AND

I go out and find the jetvac for the other to run. Hey now I'm not going to turn down any kind of help!

And this is where you run and lay down when the vacuums are running because you hate loud noises.

Gotta love these little moments. Uncle Colin reading to the Little Ones.

Some quiet time after the Little Ones went home. Looks as if they both are tuckered out!

Here is the dishclothes I've been working on. I think I have said before I will never buy another one again. I love these!

What could he be making?

A handy dandy little project to keep one little one busy with organizing. I saw this someplace some time ago and can't remember where but it's a quick and simple project. Toilet paper rolls turned into little holders for extension cords and plastic bags.

There is nothing better than making that first potato salad to celebrate the beginning of BBQ season. I have a question....... What do you put into your potato salad? Please leave a comment and let me know. This one has of course potatoes, eggs, cucumbers, bacon bits, green olives, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, salt, pepper, and paprika. I like my potatoes a little chunky and love it loaded with everything. I will also add if I have them on hand chopped green peppers, chopped tomatoes, and sliced black olives. How do you like your potato salad?

It keeps getting greener and greener with each passing day.

Dale and Colin out practicing chipping.

Look at my handsome fellow all dressed up. I said you look good I really like that color on you and he said.... oh yeah I'm going to be a chick magnet. Ok, I still have some polishing to do on his way of thinking.

I saw this idea over on This Young House and just had to try it. I already had some small vases, the wooden scewers, and I used Fresh Cotton fragance in it.

Tony came home with this cat post last week. He was installing a dish at these people's house and when he was ready to leave they asked if he had cats and would like this. Their cat had gotten hit by a car and they just wanted to get rid of it. These 2 are very greatful for there new gift!

What's up with this chair? The other day I heard this... bing bing noise and it kept going off about every minute or so. That bing bing sound was loud and annoying. I finally discovered that it was coming from the chair and felt around and couldn't find anything. I tried to put my hand as far down the sides as I could but couldn't come up with anything that was making a noise. Now I did pull out magnetix, farm pieces, train tracks, baukigans, but nothing that made a noise. Tony came home and looked at the chair and didn't say a word and headed for the bedroom. It didn't take but a few minutes before he was out wanting to know what that noise was. So he tried to find the noise and wasn't coming up with anything. I got behind the chair and tried to look through the netting to see if I could see anything and it started going bing bing and this light came on inside the chair. I directed him where to go and he finally pulled out Jene`'s old phone that she had given to Colin to play with. Seems like it was letting us know it's battery was dying.

Hopefully in a few short months we will have some cucumbers and zucchini to eat. Colin has been a big help planting the seeds and helping water. So far we have 9 tomato plants, 10 cucumbers, 8 spinach, 10 zucchini, 3 cherry tomato, 1 sunflower, and some parsley and chives growing.

We went to Music Appreciation Day last week. The kids were so cute!

Guess what tonight is? IT'S PROM!

My baby girl sitting inside the sink to get ready.

And we couldn't get ready at home we had to go over to a friend's house where they both could sit inside sinks to get ready at the same time.

Sitting on the floor to do nails.

After a full day of tanning, hair, and makeup they are finally ready.

Awwwwwwwww they look so cute :) ...............................

and grown up ;(

Have fun kids but remember that prom promise and be safe.
This is it for now so all have a good night.
Take Care :)


Nanabek4 said...

I love the dress.
Go papa!!! We have to do what we can to keep the little ones happy. I wish I had gotten pictures of John getting "purtied up" when Courtney was here last. Every evening he came in from work, he would sit at the table and she would sit on the table and comb and brush his hair with her doll brushes and tried to put hair rollers in his hair...LOL.. it was so funny. She had a ball (and so did he).
Good luck with the gardening. I have 2o better boy tomatoes, 4 parks beefy boys tomatoes, 3 squash, 1 zucchini, and 4 cucumbers of some kind in my garden so far. John says he is gonna make my garden larger and get at least 24 more tomatoes. We want to freeze some and can some this summer for making our own spaghetti sauce and other goodies.

scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful update. You have been missed. I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures.

The girls look wonderful. I hope they had a fun prom. Hugs.

Miriam said...

What a time you've had! From fishing to crochet to papa in the playpen to PROM! Thanks for the fun update... now don't you need some rest?;)

Miriam said...

What a time you've had! From fishing to crochet to papa in the playpen to PROM! Thanks for the fun update... now don't you need some rest?;)

The Southern Mom said...

That playpen picture is a hoot! They both look so happy and satisfied with the situation.

I love the prom pics! Her dress is is she!

Farm Chick Paula said...

My goodness, there's been a lot going on at your place, Vickie!!
Love the prom pictures- the girls all look so pretty!
That is really neat about the toilet paper roll/extension cord holder... might have to make a couple of those myself!
The cookie recipe sounds wonderful!

Susan said...

Hey Vickie, the kids are growing like weeds. You sent me that recipe ages ago. We love it! Need to make some myself.

Mel said...

Hi Vicky,
Sorry, it has been forever, and a day, since I last blogged. I did manage to read all your post, had to chuckle at Tony in the playpen. Again, chuckle when I saw the girls sitting in the sinks preparing for prom. Hows about Colin out worm hunting... LOL Those night crawlers will startle the little ones every time, some of them intimidate even us big folks... LOL

I have been hopping around here, trying to house break a puppy all by myself, it sure was alot easier when the girls were at home. Dunkin, is now 10 weeks old, he is learning to sit and to come when called, does pretty well for his age, I guess. My days start at the crack of dawn when Dunkin starts to cry to go out and go potty. He is really good at bedtime he goes to his little room (laundryroom) and goes to bed between 9-9:30PM (Now if I could get hubby to do the same) I wouldn't be a walking zombie from 3 in the afternoon on.
I have to write a little on my blog so will try to call you tomorrow. Calling for rain here all day, so will be forced to stay inside.

Love ya, Mel