Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey All

It's the time of year that there is so much going on and no time just to stop and smell the roses. End of year projects, testing, parties, concerts, awards, scouts, and then just keeping up with everything else my children throw my way. Trying to keep up with different chores like today shampooing the boys carpet and not to mention looking after my little garden and these four legged critters that think they are human. My next project will be going around with the insect spray and doing around the baseboards I have killed 3 spiders this afternoon. I also need to fill the big sprayer up with some Clorox water and start spraying the kudzu that is growing at an extremely fast rate from all the rain this spring before we are over taken with it. Oh and not to mention the ant hills that are springing up all over the backyard some of them I swear looks like mini mountains.

Now onto this mornings excitement! I had gotten Colin up and he was getting ready for school when my phone rang at 6:15 with an automated message from the school. The buses will be delayed this morning due to vandalism at the busing garage. They didn't say how long of a delay so we went ahead and left at 6:30 as normal just in case it was only 10 or 15 minutes. We hadn't been up there more than 10 minutes when Jene` called and said mom you should come back home it sounds like the buses will be delayed for an hour or more. Some smart thinking people decided to let all the air out of all the tires on all of the buses. Wasn't that sweet of them? So I took Colin into school and waited in the car rider lane while every other parent was dropping off their children also. I then came back home and called the few kids that ride the bus for the high school and made arrangements to pick them up and take them in with my high school kids. At 8:00 we left to go pick up the others and Colin's bus was just coming down the street so it's a good thing I decided to take my children into school.

It took 3 fire departments, the police, and several mechanics to get all the tires filled with air and up and running. I feel that this was some kind of senior prank and if the little scoundrels get caught they should be made to wash the inside & outside of each and every bus. They should then be made to go to each fire station and do whatever is needed to be done there along with the police station if it's scrubbing the floors and walls. They should also have to go and help out each mechanic that gave up their time to go help out the schools. If it was a senior prank or some other school kid prank that would be a great way for those to spend their summer don't you think?

I better get going and fold this load of laundry and then head for the bus stop.

Take Care :)


scrappy quilter said...

Oh you've been missed.

Those stinkers....I agree, they should be made to clean and wash those buses.

Susan said...

Hey, nice to see you post. We also are having a problem with ants. Need to go to the store and get some spray tomorrow. Going to try one more round, then I'm just calling an expert in.

The kids will be out of school soon! My gosh, the fun will begin.

The Southern Mom said...

Girl! I haven't had time to stop and return your call! I'll be home next week ('Bama Girl got a job and everyone else is gone!) But next weekend, I'll be in Charlotte. So, I know you're busier than I am with the kids and such, so call me! Hope you're having lots of summer fun!