Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey All,

I've been having internet problems. My question is why fix something if it's not broken? I'm not a person of change! Why change things all the time? I started getting notices from yahoo to update to a different version. I ignored and ignored and ignored. Finally I couldn't do anything on here at all and come to find out because I hadn't updated the new version. So I finally gave in and did and then I have had one problem after another. I couldn't get into my mail and after weeks of unlady like grumbles discovered that this had a separate update so I did it. I HATE it! It gives the option to go back to the classic mail so I have tried and as soon as I'm signed in a little box pops up and won't let me in and kicks me back to the other mail. UGH!

Anyhow our summer is winding down school registration is next week and they start back the 19th. Oh yes I'm so ready for school to start. We did make it to the beach last weekend and oh my gosh it was wonderful to be there except we picked a weekend that the rip currents were too bad to let the kids go into the ocean. But we had a lot of fun at the pool.

One quick thing to tell before I head to bed I mean it's already 1:30 am and I have to be up at 7. No summer sleeping in this year. Too much going on getting ready for the senior year.

Saturday August 1 at Home Depot between 9 and noon there is a FREE workshop for kids that range from 5 to 12. This month they are making a message board. Go take a look at Home Depot Home Improvement Club. Just thought to pass this along because I didn't know they did this until a few weeks ago. Lowe's also has a free workshop for kids every other Saturday the next will be the 8th. More on that later.

I'm off to bed. Take Care :)

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scrappy quilter said...

Don't you just hate when they have to change things all the time. I heard Microsoft is now changing to Microsoft 7. Like why??? Just so we can spend more money!!

You've been missed. Hope you can get to posting a bit now that you've got things all fixed. Hugs.