Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Morning

Hey All,

We are having a taste of fall here in the Carolina's. Yesterday I think we did make it up to 70 or 72 it was a grey rainy day. Today is to be warmer but still below the norm. It seems good to have a break in the high humidity.

School is back in full swing and going well so far. Time has gone by too quickly it's still hard to believe Jene` is a senior this year. Then in two years Dale will be a senior! Ahhhhh but I still have Colin who has many years left yet. lol Little Brendon started kindergarten and loves it. Jessie said that he couldn't wait to get to school on the first day and he did well when they got there but when it was time to go home he cried because he didn't want to leave. He didn't think it was fair that he only got to go one day the first week.

Last week I was busy making easy grape jelly and salsa. This week I plan on making easy apple jelly and some more salsa. It doesn't matter how much salsa I make it still won't be enough for this crew they can go through it so quickly. Let me rephrase that Jene` can go through it so quickly. I also had the dehydrator going making beef jerky and drying out some onions and garlic.

I better get off here and get busy a lot to do today.

Take Care :)


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Isn't the weather great!?....suppose to get down into the 40's tonight in the mountains.....yeah!! i think....


scrappy quilter said...

Our weather has been great too. It's cool at night, perfect for sleeping. Still no frost which is an added bonus.

Hope you all have a great school year.

Mel said...

Hi Vicky,
Yes, fall has arrived here also, last night we broke a record and got down to 40* Brrr. It's great for sleeping, but I'm one that has a hard time climbing out of those warm blankets come morning.
Sounds like you're going to have a good stash come winter. I put up strawberry-kiwi jam and bread and butter pickles so far. I had planned on some black beans and corn, however, I think the Tazmanian devil has found my garden. I went out today to find a bunch of the corn stalks knocked to the ground, and half eaten heads of cabbage. Actually, it's more than likely a raccoon, I'm trying to figure out how to capture it in our Have a Heart trap.
Catch you later,