Saturday, September 5, 2009

Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Hey All,

We had some awesome weather here in the Carolina's cool nights and humidity free days. A taste of what fall will bring shortly. But for now it's back to the 90's! I think we will have an early fall this year I've been saying this for the past couple months. Won't be long before I see if I'm right or wrong.

My cat Blue got out and it took 2 days to get him back in. He had only gotten out once before a couple years ago and I was scared to death that he would be eaten by a fox or chased by the neighbors dogs. Hmmmm... the little rascal would run every time he saw me and go into the woods. How in the world did he know I wouldn't follow him in there? He did stay close to home and didn't venture away so that was a good sign. Pumpkin watched out for him I was really surprised how he showed Blue the ropes of the wilderness. He had him chasing him in the yard and climbing trees. Blue finally got hungry and came up on the deck for me to pick him up and I brought him back in. A couple days went by and things had gotten back to normal with Blue inside and Pumpkin coming and going as he pleased. One afternoon I went to the grocery store came home and noticed I had forgotten to close my bedroom door. I always shut it to keep Nietchie out of there he has torn my comforter up getting on my bed and looking out the window to bark. Why he does this I don't know because he has 4 windows he can go to and look out without getting on the furniture and not to mention glass doors. Anyway I went in and relief came across me when I saw my bed in tact without evidence of my four legged pal getting on it. I noticed something... as I got closer I saw it was a wet spot. That darn cat!!!!!! Oh I was mad!!! I picked him up... rubbed his nose in it... and then threw him out the door and said you wanted to be out there and now you are. Of course he didn't want to be out there then he stood at the door with this meow that if I hadn't been so mad at him it would have been heart wrenching. Now after a few days he comes in and out with Pumpkin to eat and visit and then he goes back out.

Wednesday night we had found out that Kameron, she is like our own child, had been in the emergency room. The next morning we found out the whole story and it tore me apart to think we could have lost her. She was at horseback practicing jumping... she is in shows and has won all kinds of ribbons... when her horse faltered and went down and landed completely on her. He weighs 1500 pounds!!! He rolled over her twice trying to get up. When they got to her she couldn't move and her one side was completely numb. When the EMTs arrived they said this doesn't look good. At the emergency room they did a couple xrays and lots of testing. The numbness wore off and she started moving her arms and legs around. She was released later that night with a sore back, sore hip, and swollen knee. A miracle!!! And her horse is also going to be okay with a few days of rest. Again a miracle!!! This child is like our own it's a long story how she became a part of my life... a part of all of our lives but she has done everything with us for the past 10 years. She is treated as one of our own birthdays, holidays, vacations. Her mom who is a wonderful mother says Kam has the best of both worlds. Anyway she is going to be fine after some healing she has to go see a specialist Wednesday and get checked out just to be on the safe side but with each passing day she has improved a lot. It's amazing how tough our teens are!!! I talked to her mom Thursday night and she was having a fit... can you believe she wants to try to go to school tomorrow. Yeah I can because I have one just like her. Yep she is going to be alright! God was watching out for her!!! A Miracle!!!

Colin and I went to Home Depot this morning and made a bean bag toss game or we tried to. Now these little adventures so far has been pretty easy with easy instructions to follow. As I was taking this out of the package so we could start building there was only 5 pieces to put together and thought to myself we can do this with no problem. Big Problem!!!!! We started it and then it wasn't going together right. The predrilled holes were not on most of the pieces and the one and only one that did have it was drilled in the wrong place. After several attempts to pound the hammer and get these pieces together and that nail just wouldn't move it was frustrating. Colin was ready to just give up. Finally I gathered up all the pieces and we came home and when daddy came home from work he and Colin got it put together. He even had a hard time with it so I didn't feel quite as bad. Hopefully next week at Lowe's will go a little smoother.

Let's see the kids have only been in school for 13 school days. Dale was home sick Thursday and Friday and I suspect he was faking. I will give him the benefit of the doubt on Thursday but for Friday I strongly believe it was a fake. By 6:00 last night I heard I feel all better can I go to the driving range tomorrow. Both Tony and I spoke up and said NO. You missed two days of school your not going to go play golf. But I'm all better and we don't go back to school until Tuesday. So you missed two days of school and if you feel well enough now that you want to play golf I think you could have went to school today. He had better think about getting online and checking to see what homework he has to make up.

Toward the end of the month we will be going to tour USC. Jene` has her heart set on going there. You know it's just far enough away from home but not that far. I'm still not ready for this and still can't believe she is a senior. Oh and she found out Thursday she is in the Home Coming Court and has asked Tony to escort her across the field. She has already gone through her closet and been online looking for the right outfit to wear. At least she doesn't need another gown for this.

I better get off here and get ready for bed. Everyone have a happy and safe Labor Day!!

Take Care :)


scrappy quilter said...

Wow you've had a lot going on in your life. Can't wait to see what you guy makes next time. Sorry it didn't work out this time. And yes, what a miracle!!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Hello, Vickie! Sorry to hear about Kameron- so glad she is okay!! It could have been so much worse... God really was watching over her.

Susan said...

Glad to hear Kameron is okay. There was an angel watching over. My gosh, what a scare.