Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey All,

Let me tell you about a couple things that have happened in the past week. Creepy!!! The other day I went to school to pick up the teens and take Jene` to work. On our way home all of a sudden there was this noise... clicking... loud clicking.... and this other noise mixed in with it. My first thought were the boys were doing something and I said... what are you doing back there? My boys yell nothing and the neighbor teen is pointing, staring, and says it's that. I look down at the radio and it's..... well it's.... trying to play the cassette player and the radio at the same time. Now it WASN'T ON it was OFF. I tried to pushed the button to turn it off and nothing happened. I tried to click the eject button and nothing happened. It did this all the way home. I turned the car off and then turned it back on it was still doing it. I then again turned it off waited a couple minutes and turned it back on and it was still doing it. So a couple hours later when hubby came home I told him about it and he went out turned it on and NOTHING!!! It hasn't done it since.

Yesterday I had to go to the school once again and pick up kids and I dropped Jene` off at work. We hadn't made it too far when Colin says..... mommy their is a lizard in here. That of course caused a lot of commotion in the back with the teens trying to catch it. They finally got him and I pulled over and they tossed him out the door into the grass. Well that is after he let go because he latched onto a figure and wouldn't let go at first. Freaky!!! I told Jene` that from now on she could walk to work because there was just too many things that happened when I came to pick up. She was like...... YEAH RIGHT! I know I really wouldn't do that.

I'm still not feeling all that great. But not as bad as the other day. This house is a mess during leaf falling season there is only 4 of us who go through it. lol Maybe it will rain soon and give us a break. I have to be up bright and early in the morning and be at the church by's going to be cold...... for the boy scout food drive. Daddy can't go so mommy has to and I'm hoping a lot of the boys show up so we can get it done and get back home. Since we are right there we should go by the library also and return these books that have been read and pick up some more.

I think I'm going to go pull out my crochet bag of many projects started and do something where I can be on the couch with a blanket. I have a few hours yet before I can go to bed Jene` and Dale are at the last football game. GO YELLOW JACKETS!!!!

Take Care :)

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scrappy quilter said...

When I read "go yellow jackets" I immediately think of bees (hornets in fact), lol.

Sounds like your couple of days were quite interesting!! A lizard, yikes.