Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WOW The Projects I Have Found

Hey All,

Yesterday was an allergy day from ok you know where. Sneezing, blowing nose, and itchy watery eyes all day long. I couldn't take any medicine until I knew it was safe... to be awake so I could walk up to the bus stop... to be awake if by chance the school should call saying someone was sick... to be awake if I needed to drive. I don't do well with any medicines and it does get to me at times because there is nothing more than I would like to start feeling better a whole lot sooner. Since I was feeling yucky I decided there was nothing better to do than to work on my blog. It took the better part of the day doing the side bar going through my favorite blogs and weeding out those that no longer existed or getting new links for those that moved. Added a few others that I had saved in my favorites. Now that is done.

Today I felt somewhat better still not 100% but not as bad as yesterday. Had to run to the grocery store and then I came home and started working outside on the leaves. If it wasn't for the fact that you now can see the driveway it would look as if I hadn't done anything at all. There are so many of them out there already! I'll let the boys work on the backyard this weekend. Share the fun. lol Since I probably shouldn't have been out there at all doing that with my allergeries so bad. I never said I was brightest light bulb in the pack! lol

Now onto those projects I had seen. Over on Make It and Love It she has made a sweater dress for a little one using her old sweaters. COOL IDEA!!!! Or maybe that should read.... WARM IDEA!!!! I love it! Now my little princess is of course too big so on to little Miss Kaylee and Miss Em. If I can only get my daughter and sister to measure their kids correctly or if they even have a tape measure. Anyhow go on over to Make It and Love It and take a look. So cute! It doesn't look that hard and she has done step by step so I should be able to follow along okay with it. Tomorrow I will have to go through my closet and see what I can find. The only thing that worries me is Kaylee is tiny. I might have to see if Jene` has any that she wants to get rid of. I know she got rid of a lot during the summer when we cleaned out closets. I will have to put the word out to friends and I may come up with a few to work with. It might take more than one try. lol

I've been searching for the skirt and leg warmers that I saw about a week ago. I thought I had saved it but I can't find it. It was also made from a sweater and cute. I've done a search and came up with a few but not the one I was looking for. Oh well maybe I'll come across it again or try one of those others.

For some reason I'm having problems typing stuff out tonight. My links don't seem to be working right when I go to edit them now and everytime I try to back space it takes out the stuff I don't want taken out. Maybe I should have waited to take that allergy pill! So lets try this next paragraph once again.

I found this really cute t-shirt headband and thought Jene` would love it also but I was wrong. This would be adorable to make smaller versions of it for the little ones. You can hop on over to Zakka Life and check it out. It worked that time! See I just needed to complain about it.

I better get to bed morning just comes too early!

Take Care :)

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scrappy quilter said...

I often change my sidebar too just to make it look more tidy. Isn't it interesting the things we can find to do. Hope you're feeling better today.