Monday, December 7, 2009

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Hey All,

I've been stressed trying to figure out a couple different projects. The first is a school project for my second grader who is 8 years old. I stress this because of the project he has to do. He brought home the paper on it Wednesday and this is what the project is...

Dear Parents,

Our class began a science unit on Habitats yesterday. We will be studying and working on this unit for the next two weeks. To go along with this study, your child is responsible for completing a home project. Please read carefully the following guidelines and information about this project.

Your child needs to create ONE of the following land or water habitats:

1. Desert habitat
2. Rain Forest
3. Woodland
4. Arctic (not the Antarctic--do NOT choose penguins)
5. Salt Water--ocean
6. Fresh Water-- pond, lake, stream, river

Along with creating one of the habitats, your child needs to create ONE type of animal that lives in that habitat. Your child will need to write a report. The report should answer the following questions:

1. In which group does the animal belong (mammal, bird, fish, reptile, or amphibian), and why does it belong to that group? What are the characteristics that help the animal fit into that group?

2. In which habitat does the animal live? (Describe the features of the habitat) How is the animal adapted to live in that specific environment?

3. What are the basic needs of the animal, and how are these needs met from the habitat?

4. How does the animal depend on plants or other animals as sources of food and shelter?

You may use any type of materials EXCEPT glass to create your project. You may draw it using poster board or build it (3-D). Be as creative as you can. Parents, please only help with the project. Your child should do the majority of the work to create it. We have discussed different ways to create these types of habitats. This project is due Tuesday, December 15th. Your child will be graded on creativity, neatness, the written report, and how he/she presents the project to the class. A rubric is on the back of this letter, which elaborates on how I will score oyur child's project.

Your child will need help locating information about the habitat and animal that he/she picked. He/she may visit the school library before school begins or during our regular library time. However, you will need to help by going to the public library or using your home computer. I hope you will have fun working with your child. Please send a note or email me if you have any questions or concerns.


As I said he brought this home from school on Wednesday. Thursday evening we went to the library and found several books on polar bears and the arctic. Friday he was asked by his teacher if he had picked out anything yet and he said yes I'm doing polar bears. She said oh there are already two others doing that so you need to do something different so do arctic fox. He came home and told me and I sent her an email asking to make sure he didn't misunderstand because it said nothing about being approved. I didn't get an email back until last night and yes he can't do polar bears. We searched on the library web site for arctic animals and couldn't find anything. I did respond back a little ugly to her email and tonight when I checked by emails there was one from her that said just go ahead and do it. Well, I had already taken back the books. I really didn't mean to get ugly but no place in this guideline did it say it had to be approved first. And of course I'm still not feeling that great. Still no excuse! I sent her an email a bit ago saying that I was sorry for my rudeness and that we sat down this evening and picked out squirrels to let us know if anyone has picked that one yet. If so then our other options are porcupines or black bears.

My thing about this project is that it's to be mostly by the child. The books we have found are not second grade level. So who is going to have to read them to him. And as far as the internet there is also not much information that is 8 year old friendly. The text is too much to understand. I would rather him have projects that he could really do with just some help. And a written report. Hello that's another thing! He is in the second grade it's hard enough trying to get him to write 24 sentences each week for his spelling words that make sense. Oh well we have already lost several days because he couldn't do an animal of his choice so hopefully we can get this done on time and he gets a good grade on it. We have a hectic schedule this week all the different concerts and stuff going on it's going to be tough getting in extra work other than the normal homework. So it would have been nice to have had this past weekend to work on it instead of waiting for an answer. Oh well!

Now to another stressful thing. I finally found out why I've been so sick lately. With all my allergies it only stands to reason that it had something to do with it. Ya know all that yard work I've been doing? Getting all those years of leaves and vines out of the side so hopefully to have a yard there next spring or summer. Well, blowing the leaves would have been fine other than after getting the top layer everything under it was wet and yuck. It's mold!! And it's gotten into my right lung. I've been told to stay out of it! Now for the best part of all I have to suffer through it because I am allergic or highly sensitive to everything they wanted to put me on to get me better. I have good days and bad days but for the most part I feel okay now other than some hurting around my chest. Fun Fun Fun just another allergy thing! Sometimes I feel as if I should live in a bubble.

Onto another project. I've been trying to find something for this weeks Handmade Christmas. My supply closet is getting bare. I've used up just about everything I have had sitting around. I've been thinking and looking for something to make without having to buy anything or much of anything. I finally found it this evening!!!! YES YES YES Oh yeah I'm not saying until it's finished. lol

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my rambles.

Take Care :)

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