Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Handmade Christmas Week 4

Update at the bottom of posting :)
Hey All,
It's time for another Handmade Christmas over on Proverbs 31 Living. I've made a couple ornaments and a couple present boxes. The best part of it was I already had all the supplies and didn't have to buy a thing. Got to love those projects!
First of all I made crocheted candy cane ornaments and a Christmas ball. I found these over on that a friend had sent me a link for. I would really like to post the links for each of them but for some reason the site is unavailable at the moment. I guess it must get overloaded because I had this same problem the first time I tried to get to it.

These are both quick and easy projects to whip up. If I can get to the sites to post the individual pages later on I will put them at the bottom of this post. As I said they are really quick to make. I love the candy canes and want to make more of them and guess what I didn't print off the instructions because they were so easy to take right from the web site. Anyway if you want to make these I will try to find them and post them at the bottom of this posting later on.

I also made a couple Christmas Present Boxes from plastic canvas. These little gifts are going to be filled with candy and given to the little munchkin's teacher and bus driver. This is another quick and easy project that I love doing for gifts. They are great to do in Christmas colors or any other colors for a birthday.

Present Boxes

7 mesh plastic canvas in red or green

yarn (small amount) red, green, or white

large needle

The box: cut out 5 squares that are 22 squares x 22 squares.
The lid: cut out 1 that is 24 squares x 24 squares and the sides cut out 4 that are 7 squares down x 24 squares across.
The bow: cut out 4 that are 5 squares across x 23 squares down.

Trim all the little nubby thingy's off. Do you love that explanation?

And then whip stitch your pieces together to form the box and lid. Whip stitch around all sides to cover.

For me the bow is the trickest part. Seems like no matter how many times I make these I always end up getting the bow uneven and taking them back off and redoing. You whip stitch these on the top of lid. Count down 9 squares and across 10 squares to place the first bow and work your way around for the other three. As I said seems like I always have to redo this so if you end up redoing I'm sorry. Oh yeah don't forget to whip stitch around the sides before placing your bow pieces on the lid.

Well that is it for this week and now to find something crafty for next.

Take Care :)

Finally I was able to get to the candy cane site so here it is.......

and the Christmas Ball was on a totally different site. I've looked at so many lately!! But here that one is also. Oh on the ball when finished to add color to it since I did it in white I put some green and red on it with french knots....


Toronto real estate agent said...

Those decorations look great. I'm not sure whether I'd be able to make them myself, though. I'm not really an expert in a stuff like this. Who knows what my house would look like if I decorated it with my own handmade decorations.


Miriam said...

How fun! You are so industrious. I will have to follow your lead (even though I'm late LOL!) and start some more handmade Christmas decorations.

Susan said...

I love those candy canes. It's all so nice. Those boxes are a great idea for candy. I have some canvas laying around. Going to make some.

Cant wait to see what you make next!

Abbi said...

The candy cane ornaments are very cute!! They look so fluffy too, I like that.
Thanks for linking up to A Handmade Christmas again. I am enjoying seeing all of your ideas.

I also like your idea for playing Go Fish with spelling words. I think my kids might really enjoy that.

scrappy quilter said...

What great little gifts. I love them.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Those are adorable, Vickie! You did such a wonderful job on everything- I love the little boxes and their bows on top!