Friday, January 22, 2010

A Year Of Christmas Crafting... January

Hey All,

It's been a busy time around here since Christmas. So many things going on that at times I had to make sure my head was still attached. But I did manage to get a few things made this month to put up for Christmas.

A yellow scarf and a green scarf. I love these colors! These are for 2 of our nieces. This pattern was one of the first we did when I took a crochet class a couple years ago and the pattern is completely written out and that is the way I'm going to post it.

Shell Stitch Scarf (Child)


about 200 - 250 yards worsted weight yarn
size J hook
yarn needle (optional for weaving in ends)

Gauge 13 stitches = 4 inches

Shell: 5 double crochet in same stitch


Chain 19

Row 1: 4 double crochet in 4th chain from hook, skip 4 chains, *shell in next chain, skip 4 chains; repeat from* to last chain, 3 double crochet in last chain, turn.

Row 2: Chain 3 (counts as double crochet), 4 double crochet in first double crochet, work shell in 3rd double crochet of each shell across to last shell, 3 double crochet in 3rd double crochet of last shell, turn.

Row 3 --38: Repeat Row 2. Add or subtract rows to make the scaf longer or shorter.

Fringe: Cut yarn 9 inches long. Taking 5 strands together, fold in half and knot into fringe. Insert into each shell on both sides of the scarf. Trim fringe evenly.

*********note: I made these two with 52 rows for a bigger child. You know long is in.

Seven rice pads of different sizes. I would have made more but ran out of rice.

I made more of these candy canes since I have to make more decorations for the tree now. Oh I haven't told you about the tree ordeal!!!! About a week before Christmas I had left to run errands and was only gone 45 minutes and when I came home the first thing I saw when I came in the house was the tree on the floor. Ornaments smashed all over the place. I was so mad and upset I couldn't even go near it to begin with. I had to get the boys dinner so I could leave to go pick up Jene` and I left everything laying right there. Finally when I had time and tried to stand the tree up the base was broke so I laid it back down and waited for Tony to get home. Oh I was upset and cried! All our name ornaments were broken. All the ornaments the kids made a couple years ago broken. My pooh collection broken as were many others I've collected over the past 20 some years. As all I could do was look at the mess and cry.

When Tony finally got home I said...... YOUR DOG!!! And he came back with... no it's your dog he follows you around and he freaks out when you leave. I then said... You brought him home. We finally got the tree standing back up by using yarn on the base and tying it around the legs. Got all the ornaments swept up and into the garbage.
So then for the next few days when I had to leave the house I put the recliners around the tree so Nietchie wouldn't get close to it.

I made another pencil holder and plan to make more of these in months to come.

That's it for this month and I would have liked to get more done but as I said it's been so busy around here that I just haven't had a chance to work on much of anything.

Now I'm off to get started on next months.

Take Care :)

Anyone have gifts or decorations that you have made? Any recipes for the holidays to share?Please link them up or leave them in the comment section.

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scrappy quilter said...

You have definitely been busy. Sorry to hear about your tree and all your ornaments. Hugs

queenoftheclick said...

I love the scarves. I bet your children do too!

Sorry to hear about your tree...I love the ornaments you made. And now for next year, you can make and buy other new ornaments...maybe one of your little helpers can help you make some new name ornaments. :)

Mel said...

You are so crafty, and yes, busy...

Do our dogs talk on the phone? Dunkin, always eats something when I leave the house.

Vick, you know arthritis runs in the family~ so lets not work your fingers to the bone! LOL

Love ya,

Susan said...

Even with all you do, you still find the time to work on Christmas gifts. I need some of your energy! Need to get my gifts in order.

Gotta love those dogs!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Goodness, Vickie! You've been so busy, this post made my head spin!!
So sorry about your tree... I know you hating losing the keepsakes.

Sandra said...

If you will send me an email I will send you all the info for the pickles on my blog. strivingforthemaster at yahoo dot com.