Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are You Sure It's March?

Hey All,

The calendar says it's March. The bills that come in are due for March? The newspaper says March. But I don't think it's March it's way too cold to be March!!! I get up and it's in the 20's and lucky to see a slow climb up to the 40's. It's been a long cold winter and I'm more than ready for spring to arrive. I'm more than ready to be warm! Oh and I'm more than ready to see a drop in the electric bill!!! Shoot now I pay that high high bill that we have never had to pay anything that high before it's doubled from last year!!!! But I'm not even warm! Those of you that know me know I don't handle the cold. That was one of the reasons I had moved to the South oh those many many years ago. Let me tell you how cold I've been this morning I had my rice pad, one of many, in my hands and felt something looked down and I've worn a big hole right in it. Good thing I have more!

I've been MIA! I've been in hibernation! I wish! I don't know if it's the winter blues, cabin fever, or just a plain old mood. But I can only blame this partly on winter and the cold. I can look back through my blog and I can tell. I haven't done much of it for the past year. I get stressed and I don't even come here and that is wrong of me. I've made attempts but then something happens and it's a month or more before I blog again. It's nothing to do with blogging or bloggers it's just from being stressed. It's time to let everyone else worry about themselves and me to worry about me. It's time to pull myself out of this funk and get on with the things I like doing. Yes it's time!

I've got to run and go out in the cold to go pick up a teen. grrrrrrrrr

But I'll be back soon!

Take Care :)


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you'd dropped off the face of the earth! But...I know what you mean, I think I've got S.A.D., I've got all the symptoms, plus I'm giving up smoking...again! So I'm in a blue,blue mood! If I don't see some green again soon, one little push and I'm going over the edge! TTYL.

kara said...

Oh man, we are in southern NC and I am feeling the SAME way about this winter. Argh! Enough already!

Thanks for the link, btw:) And here's to a warm and happy spring! xoxo