Monday, March 8, 2010

Journal #1

Hey All,

I had found this long list of journal questions a few years ago and I wish I could remember where I had found them so I could send you the link. I did copy them and have from time to time used a few of them in my private journal that's when I remember to write in it. I came across that list last night and thought this would be neat to do on my blog. To start off with I'm going to do an easy one...

Do you have a favorite author? Who? Any favorite books as a child?

For the past several years my favorite author has been Mary Higgins Clark. I can get so wrapped up in her books that it's a struggle to put it down. The mystery and suspense keep me wanting to know more and I will think after this page I will start dinner or after this chapter I will go to bed. I haven't found a single book that I have read to be disappointing. Right now I'm reading Where Are You Now?

Carol Higgins Clark also ranks right up there with her mother and I also love her books. Her series of Regan Reilly a private investigator can keep me trying to figure out who done it through the whole book. As soon as I finish her mother's book I will be reading her book Laced.

One other author that I came across a few months ago is Sara Rosett and she is getting up there on my favorite list. I have read three of her books about Ellie and how murder and mystery just seem to find it's way to her door. The newest of the series was just released and it's hard not to go out and buy it and wait for it to come into the library.

For the last part of this journal question... Any favorite books as a child? As I sit here thinking back through my childhood I don't remember being read to. I don't remember reading being important. That's sad!

Who's next? Do you have a favorite author? Who? Any favorite books as a child?

Take Care :)


Susan said...

I love Mary Higgins and Daniel Steele.
Nowadays, I dont have time to pick up a book. Used to love to read, always carried a book with me. I think maybe I should invest in a "Kimble".

Have a good week Vickie!

Vickie said...

Hi Vickie - my name's Vickie, too!
Our moms had such good taste! I popped over from the Fraker Farm to meet you. I don't read as much as I used to. I'm so busy I don't have a favorite author. I read the Bible and that's about all - except blogs - does that count? ANyway, my childhood favorite book was "A Penny's Worth" about a pony. I always read horse books. I'm doing a book search now to try and find an old copy and am having a tough time finding it. But I'll keep trying.

You have a lovely bunch of kiddoes there! Come by for a visit sometime!

Mel said...

Hey Vick,

I love to read, but somehow the days are getting away from me. I think, I have read just about every Daneille Steele book ever printed, I love her books.

Huh, I love Beatrice Potter books as a kid, couldn't even begin to name the author though ;)

Talk soon

Love ya, Mel