Monday, March 15, 2010

Some of This and That and Journal #2

Hey All,

I'm hoping to see the sun today it's been a rainy and chilly 4 or 5 days around here. Need that mud to dry up so it's not tracked through. These floors look pitiful! Dogs, cats, kids, and hubby tracking through and ya know I don't know who is worse the animals, kids or hubby!!

These were taken a couple weeks ago. Dale helping Colin with his golf belt loop. Once they left the driving range area they went to practice chipping but Dale decided to put them in the sandtrap to start off with.

Needless to say we were there for quite a while! Everytime it looked as if Colin was going to get it out it would roll back down again. Oh well he didn't mind I mean it was sand.

We also had the Pine Wood Derby race. He didn't place but it was a morning of fun.

I let him have the camera on strict instructions that he was to be careful with it to work on his photography belt loop. He did good taking pictures of this or that and then I noticed he had let his friend use the camera and this is what he got a picture of...
Colin's eye!!!!

Look! Look! I made bread bowls!!!! Okay before you get really excited ya all know I've had trouble with making bread and it never rises. No matter if I do it by hand or by machine it's flat. I've been talking with Sandra over on Keeping it Simple and she has given me some tips to try. But until then I had bought some frozen dough to make her garlic pull apart bread and on the package it told how to make bread bowls. Yesterday I made these and a pot of potato soup. Now the kids normally don't eat very much of potato soup but last night they ate every bite along with all the bowl.

Even Colin and Dale who normally would only try to get away with eating a few bites ate every bite. Yum!!
Oh I've got some news to share! I thought we were done with pageants since Jene` only seemed to be interested in doing the school pageant. She went into work Saturday she only works a couple days a week so she hadn't been there in quite a few days. She was handed a piece of paper about the Strawberry Pageant and told you are already signed up, registered, and sponsorship paid for. Her boss did this! She was not thrilled when she came home showing me the paper because for one she has only done the school pageants and for another her two best friends who work there who also were in the school pageants were not put in it. They are upset about it and it has upset her now. As the boss tried to explain that Jene` has been there the longest and has been in 4 pageants they wanted to give her one more to do before she leaves for college. This is the first time we have had a Strawberry pageant so we will see how it goes. Sunday the girls were over it and trying to decide what Jene` should wear. She has to have a different outfit for....... interview....... fitness wear.......... casual....... and gown. I told her that she really needed to try to find things out of her closet first because we already have a lot of expenses coming up with prom and graduation and didn't need to be buying more stuff right now. I said you have 6 gowns hanging in your closet use one of those. She has already picked out her outfit for casual and hopefully the interview but she isn't sure if it's dressy enough. It's the fitness she is going to have to buy something for. They would probably kicked her off the stage if she wore her old sweats and tees that she normally wears.
I finished reading Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark and as all her books I've read it was a can't put it down book. Now I'm starting Laced by Carol Higgins Clark but before I get too involved in this one I need to do some cleaning first. lol
Journal #2
What are some of your favorite smells?
My all time favorite smell is the ocean. If I could bottle it up and bring it home with me I would. Spring rain, flowers blooming, bread baking, popcorn popping. The smell of a new born baby or the smell of hubby after a shower. Onions and garlice dehydrating... okay I know I'm weird!
What's your favorite smells?
Take Care :)


Susan said...

I love the smell of the ocean and fresh flowers. Hmmmmm! I get so relaxed thinking of those two things.

Have a good week!

Mel said...

Hey Vick,
Sorry, I missed you last night, kids had my laptop...

They did tell me sometime during the day today, that you were messaging me. LOL

Oh, favorite smells~ How about fresh linen/sheets off the clothes line, or homemade cinnamon buns baking in the oven, or when you're frying up some onions and garlic for whatever, or lilacs (I cannot wait...)

Anyway, have a great weekend, and I'll talk to ya soon.
Love ya,