Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden, Prom, and Other Happenings

Hey All,

Oh I'm trying to figure out this new editor.  Having problem right now but maybe once I figure it all out it won't be bad.

Lots has been going on around here!  To start off with I was sick a good three weeks and did nothing except sleep.  You wouldn't think pollen could have such an affect but this year has been wicked.  Then after feeling some what better I spent a week cleaning up because ya know that no one else knows how to vacuum or mop.  And holy cow to think if someone would actually scrub a toilet that is just unthinkable.  But I'm feeling much better now.  It's hard catching up on everything I had over 2000 emails to weed through talk about exhausting.  Anyway let's move on. 

Jene` went to her senior prom this past Saturday and wow all the kids looked awesome!  There were 21 in their group and they rented a party bus for the night.  They had a blast!

Orange yes her dress is orange!

Getting her hair done.  For some reason my flash is not working so a lot of the pictures turned out dark.  Mark had her come in at 12:30 to start curling her hair.  Well, spray, curl, spray, and more spray. 

I don't know what we would do without him.  This is the only person she will allow to touch her hair.  He was as sad as I was at the thought it was her last prom. 
All ready and waiting for Taylor to come.  Oh and Colin doesn't see why she needed to go to the prom he said...  proms are for ugly girls.  What does he know he's 8!

Wiping the tears away while trying to take these pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful!  Handsome! 

Had to get a close up of the hair.  I love the flower in it!

Still wiping the tears away while taking pictures! 
The gang!  Well most of them I couldn't get all of them into the picture because a pole was in my way.  They were all very beautiful and handsome.  If you notice the boy with shorts and jacket on in the picture no he's not trying to make some kind of fashion statement. lol  He had surgery on his knee and is not able to wear pants yet.  The boy behind him is helping steady him up so he didn't have to have the crutches in the picture. lol 
All didn't go well while taking pictures.  Jene` ran and got her camera and wanted me to take some with it also.  I had one in each hand and the strap on my wrist.  Trying to get in and out taking pictures so all the other parents could get them also.  Her camera came off my wrist and hit the pavement.  She was so upset with me and I felt horrible for breaking her camera. 

We got the garden put in the week before and I can tell you it felt so good getting outside.  It was the first day I spent more than a few seconds out there.  We have what I call a community garden.  We don't have enough sunshine here with all the trees or enough land that is level to have one.  We tried a couple times but it just didn't produce.  An elderly lady we know, and if she saw I just called her that she would have a fit, lets a few of us use her land to plant a garden.  We decide what we want to plant and go in half buying the plants and seeds. 

Bob showing the boys how to put the plants into the ground.
Brenda helping Dale.
Dale doing it on his own. 

Daddy helping Colin with the seeder. 

We put in corn, tomatoes, okra, green beans, snow peas, brussel sprouts, yellow onions, red onions, green peppers, yellow peppers, orange peppers, hot peppers, banana peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, and a pumpkin.  I can't wait!!!!!

I better get busy I need to charge batteries, yeah I know that is going to take me all day putting them into the charger and plugging them in. lol  Start some laundry... never ending!  Vacuum dog hair... never ending! 

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take Care :) 


Claudia said...

Yes, the last prom is a sad moment... but there is always the wedding !!....LOL
Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful garden. I'm looking forward to seeing is grow

Debbie said...

Wow! Big garden. It will be wonderful to watch it grow and wonderful for you to have all the bounty from your hard work. Thanks for visiting.

Susan said...

Cant believe how all grown up she looks. She looked beautiful.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Vickie- she looks so beautiful! And I love her dress- she looks so pretty in that color!
Love the garden- looks like there is a lot of work going on at your place!