Saturday, May 1, 2010

Picture Makeover, Colin's Building Projects, Journal # 3

Hey All,

I was going through a box of pictures that I had taken down a couple years ago when we were remodeling.  Things that never made it back up on the wall.  There is a set that I really like the pictures but I just wasn't crazy about the gold frame.  I have had these for years!

So I took them apart and found some spray paint...

This picture looks blue!!!!!!!!!!!!   I painted them white.

Ok, this picture looks a little dark but I was trying not to use the flash so it wouldn't show up in the glass in the pictue.  They now have a new place on the wall with a fresh new look. 

Here are a couple of things Colin has made.  The butterfly house he made at the beginning of April at Home Depot and the schoolhouse today at Lowe's.
He is going to give the schoolhouse to his teacher.  One side of the roof lifts up so we will have to think of something to put inside for her.  Maybe get some post it notes and stack in there.

I have never been a yogurt person.  I've tried many different times and just didn't care for it.  Today Jene` was wanting some Yoplait and was naming off some of the flavors.  I have seen them advertise many many times on TV but never thought to try them because of others I have tried and didn't like.  We went to Harris Teeter because they are having a triple coupon week and I did have a coupon for this.  They were on sale 10 for $5.00 and then a coupon 50 cents off if you buy 6 of them.  So we ended up getting the 10 of them for $3.50.  
Colin had the Strawberries 'N Banannas.  Jene` had the Red Velvet Cake.  And I had the Boston Cream Pie.  We took samples of each of them and I couldn't believe it I liked all 3 of them.  I still have another coupon so I had better go back and pick up some more while they are on sale and it's still triple coupon week.  Gotta love triple coupon week!!!



Tell about any exciting experiences while camping.

We used to go to Watkins Glenn to camp several times during the summer months.  We kids loved going there because it seemed like the same kids came every year and we had made many friends.  Once there was a group of us and we were bored and wanted to do something that we hadn't already done.  So we went through the woods and started going down and ended up in the gorge.  People were walking up the paths of the gorge looking at us while we were down in it.  We finally found a spot where we could get up to the path and finished going down into town.  We went and got an ice cream cone for each of us then had a taxi take the lot of us back up to the camping entrance.  I can't remember now if he couldn't take us any further than the entrance or if that is all the money we had enough for. lol 

That was the first time I had ever done anything that adventerous.  Me to go walking in the woods during the summer was totally unheard of.  I think I had to have been about 11 maybe 12.  And it was the first time I rode in a taxi.  Where we lived you didn't have taxi's!!!!  At least back then I don't know about today.

We had a blast that day and it's a memory that I will always treasure of my childhood.  

Take Care :) 


Anonymous said...

Fun memory of camping (I'd never rode in a taxi until I was 24 yrs old!)

Colin's woodworking is really good! Nice job!

Most of my frames have been painted at one time or another! Once I only wanted silver for my I've painted all those black because I wanted all black and white photos on the wall! (No telling what's underneath the silver!)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Love those pictures- the little oval frames are so cute! Colin did a super job on his butterfly house- I know his teacher will be thrilled with that!
That's too funny about the taxi ride- I'm 40 and still never rode in one!

Anonymous said...

High post.