Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hey All,

It's hot here too darn hot.  Kids don't want to go out to play but I can't blame them.  Too hot to go for a walk.  We have been going to the YMCA to the pool and while Colin has kids boot camp class I go and work out.  He is also wanting to take a taekwon-do class.  Ok not sure about that spelling!  Dale goes and works out when he's not at football practice and Jene` well she just likes the pool.  I'm thinking about taking a beginners yoga class but that is still in the thinking stage. lol

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

I love you!!!!
These pictures are from when we went to Andrew Jackson State Park over Memorial Day weekend.

Colin couldn't believe that every grade level went to school in this tiny schoolhouse.
Here are a few of the pictures we did up for Jene`'s senior pictures.  I'm not going to post all of them because we did about 60 0f them. lol

Jene` and Taylor getting ready to leave for graduation.
They did it!
Jene` and Grandpa
Jene` and Mamaw

Colin, Jene`, Josh, and Dale

I better get going and go check the bean soup.

Take Care :)

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Anonymous said...'s over!'s just beginning!

Congrats to Jene'! Love the pictures!