Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June ALREADY!

Hey All,

It's hard to believe it's June already!  It's hard to believe that in 2 days my kids will be out of school for the summer!  It's hard to believe that in 3 days Jene` will be graduating!  And it's hard to believe that in 47 days my oldest, Josh, will be getting married!  It's been a busy time here in the past few months and has taken up most of my time with something or another and I don't get to my blog or to check on my blog friends.  There just isn't enough hours in the days here lately. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day weekend!  We took it one day at a time since the rain came and went throughout the weekend.  Saturday morning we were going to get up bright and early and go to the garden to work BUT we had a lot of rain during the night and when you tried to walk in the garden you sank.  Sunday afternoon we took Colin, the teens didn't want to go, to the Andrew Jackson State Park for the afternoon.  It's a small park but with charm.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch and then went through the museum and Colin was in awe at all the OLD time stuff.  Once he asked did you have this when you were little?  No munchkin but ask daddy he probably did. lol  I know I'm bad! lol  After looking at all the neat things of the past and looking at the pictures of Andrew Jackson we went to the little schoolhouse.  Colin couldn't believe that all the kids could fit into such a small place and not to mention that every grade was in there.  He got to ring the school bell out front and thought that was totally awesome.  Then we ventured down to the lake and took in the beauty.  That actually made me beach sick!!!  I'm in desperate need of a beach trip and it doesn't matter if it's for a week or if it's for a couple days.  Anyway then we walked and found the playground so Colin could play for awhile.  It was a very relaxing afternoon!

I do have some pictures but I will have to do a picture update because they are on Jene`'s new camera.  I broke hers taking prom pictures and then she wanted to use mine and somehow that one broke.  The lens won't open.  So she went and bought herself a new one.  Maybe I can pin her down sometime in the next day or two or I can load them onto the computer. 

After we returned home late Sunday afternoon Tony went down to the garden to see what it was like.  Still too wet!!!  But he did manage to get some of the summer squash that was ready.  Last night for dinner I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted squash casserole or fried squash so I fixed them both.  Ohhhhh Soooooooo Gooood!!!!!  Today I froze up the rest of the squash and got 2 gallon bags and 1 quart bag.  I can't wait to get some more!  I really can't wait for those maters...  fried green maters... ummmm making my mouth water just thinking about them.

I have to go to the school bright and early in the morning.  All Colin's test results are in and they are going to go over them and the special writing class he will be taking next year.  He has had a hard time this year and luckily we caught it now.  He can't seem to get his thoughts from his brain to his paper.  What he writes doesn't make sense at first.  You really have to study it to make anything out of it.  So they have tested him to see if he qualifies for special writing.  I know from the call he does but will have to wait until tomorrow to find out everything.

Once I get the pictures on here I want your opinion.  We didn't order the school announcements they were too darn expensive.  You couldn't just order announcements you had to order this huge package deal and 3/4 of it Jene` didn't want.  So we made up our own.  It cost me about $10 and of course that doesn't count the ink from the printer but we really didn't have that many to send out.  I don't believe in sending to everyone that you know.  We only sent to close family members and friends.  I have heard a couple say that they thought they were really good they seemed to have more of a personal touch to them but then again I don't know if they were just saying that.  Jene` was happy with them and I guess that is what matters.  Oh and we also did our own pictures and she really loved them better than what the school had set up and done.  We had a blast that day taking pictures just the two of us.  I've decided that I'm going to do that instead of ordering school pictures.  I had wallets made up at WalGreens, and now I can't say how many but there had to be close to 75 wallets maybe more for about $15.00.  Not sure exactly because I had some 4x6 done also.  Still it was a HUGE savings! 

I am just tired of paying out the butt for things that we really don't care for just because everyone else is.  So what if we can do our own and if the kids are happier with them that is all that matters.  I don't know how many times I have bought school pictures and heard how they didn't like it because they didn't like the background or it wasn't their good side, or the smile wasn't just right.  But I have bought them just because the school had it set up and paid the photo company that large fee for a small quanity of pictures that my kids didn't like.  So now we will have our own photo shoots whenever we want and not feel the pressure of the photo company. 

I'm done rambling and better hit the hay cause ya all know I really hate mornings.  I was always meant to be a night owl. 

Take Care :)  


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Ohhhhhh....you did me in with the fried green tomatoes.....yummmmmmm!!


Susan said...

I love anything squash.

I believe the kids have 15 more days till summer vacation. Then the fun starts. Lazy summer days!