Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Closed My Eyes and Now Tomorrow is July... How Did That Happen?

Hey All,

Can you believe it's time to change the calendar already?  It seems like yesterday I started filling out this...

now it's time to erase it and start all over with a new month.

What to do? Oh what to do with this shelf that holds some of my salt & pepper shakers.  It really needs a makover!  I'll have to get back with you when I decide what to do with it.

I was in the mood for some meatball soup.  I rarely ever make meatball soup the same way.  I just start throwing whatever is on hand in the pot.  In this one...

2 cans beef broth
a can diced tomatoes
3 beef bouillon cubes  (I like beefy)
salt & pepper
garlic salt

Brought to a boil and then let it simmer for about half hour.
Then through in some...

frozen cheese tortellini
a couple handfuls frozen spinach
and took out some meatballs from the freezer and put those in
added maybe a cup and half of water

let it simmer for about another half hour.

It was yummy! 

Now this reminds me I need to make up some more meatballs because there are not many left in that bag.

We made a crystal rock garden the other night.  We got the idea over here on allcrafts for an easy science project.  Colin needs to practice observing and recording and this is just the project for that.

After collecting some stones and pebbles he rinsed them off.

I boiled a 1/2 cup of water and then stirred in 2 oz. of Alum and poured into a bowl.  He then added his rocks.
Then it's waiting to see if they form crystals.

He checked it a couple times that evening but it hadn't done anything.  The next morning he got up and it started to form little crystals around the stones.  Today there are a few more crystals and he has been recording the difference each day.  Sorry no pictures of that yet I tried but the camera just isn't picking it up yet.  We are hoping that in a few more days we will be able to see a lot of crystals.

The kids have begged to get the Y membership back so I gave in and did it.  It really did need to be done so Colin could get the exercise he needs since during the summer his outside activities are limited due to the heat.  We both have put on some weight (okay more than some) over the winter and need to start doing something about it before it's out of control.  Right now during the summer they offer boot camp on Tuesday morning for a half hour.  He loved this before and started back in like he had never left it two years ago.  He also takes it again on Wednesday for an hour and will be able to continue it after school starts.  He wanted to take Tae Kwon Do so he is also doing that once a week.  While he is at those classes I have been working out.  First it was just the treadmill to get this body moving again.  Then after a couple weeks I added the bike and now today I have added the bosu balance trainer.  Right now I am only doing 3 different exercises with it and as soon as I get a little better I will add a couple more to that.  Trying to decide what else will be added to the routine.  Dale had begged for months to get the y membership back and since we have gotten it he has only had a couple times free to go football practices wipe him out and he is useless the rest of the day.  Jene` takes Colin a couple times a week to the pool to practice swimming and then there are days she sneaks off without him so she can go for a workout.  She doesn't like to go with us because she only does the ellipical for about 20 minutes.  Okay now I don't see how anyone can do that I can't make it 2 minutes before I give out on that thing.  And if you didn't notice that is not part of my workout routine yet.   

I better get going and pull down that calendar and start filling it out for July.

Take Care :)

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BlueRidge Boomer said...

Sounds like a yummy summer soup...served warm ...not hot, with fruit and fresh bread....HUmmm......humm...gott'a try this one....