Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Thought I Was Growing Potatoes

Hey All,

My cousin did the potatoes in a garbage can last year and it worked out so well for her that I thought I would try it this year.  I did everything as she said.  I don't understand what went wrong!!!!!  I don't understand how I put potatoes in the can and grew a possum but here is the proof...

That darn thing got in there and ate all my plants they were growing very nicely until it came along.  And then when I discovered it instead of a thank you it hissed at me.  Hmmmmmm... it must be a teenager!  

Yesterday Colin and I did a project that I found over on Disney Family Fun and the best part we had everything we needed to do it.  I love those projects.  These spinners are so easy to make!  I forgot to take pictures while we were doing it.  We had to use Elmer's glue because that is the only glue left in the house so we left them dry overnight and this morning tested them out.   

Colin wants to make more of them with his own designs this time.  But we will have to wait until we get some more larger marbles.  I printed out the templates and he colored them with crayons and cut them out.  Then he glued them on old CD's.  Then we and found some bottle lids in the recycling bin and glued those on.  Turn it upside down and glued the marble in the hole.  Let them set overnight and this morning we had new toys to play with. 

We went to Columbia this morning to check out the apartment complex the girls are wanting to rent.  It's very nice and has things like a pool, volleyball court, basketball court, gym, yoga room, tanning booths, and computer room.  I want to know with all that when she would study?????  They have a shuttle bus taking them to school and picking up if they want it.  I don't know we still have more to discuss about this.  Let you know more in another month. 

I'm off to see if I have everything for my next project I'm wanting to start. 

Take Care :)


Claudia said...

oh....poor little possum. Can he get out of the can ?... We don't have possum here.

Miriam said...

What a fun project! I will have to go look that up. And of course I'm talking about the spinners...

We have possums where we live but they creep me out BIG TIME. So sad about your potatoes!

Susan said...

It could only happen to you Vickie, he is cute though.