Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Been Going On Here

Hey All,

It's been go go go around here.  Hopefully with school starting things will settle down now.  We have Jene` moved into her apartment and she starts her first day tomorrow.  Dale started school last Wednesday and Colin starts tomorrow.  He had surgery a week ago Friday and was thrilled to miss the first few days.  Maybe now I will have a little more time for blogging.  I've missed it and all of you.  Tonight I'm going to give a little update on the past two weeks and I do intend on finishing my summer of fun while the little ones were here in the next few days.

Here is the shelf that I posted about some time ago that I wanted to do some kind of update on.  I was tired of it the way it was and wanted to give it a boost.  I ended up painting it a dark red.  Not sure if you can see it that well.  You can find what it looked like before over here on this posting.  Just giving it some color made was all it took.
Here is the beautiful little quilt Colin got from the hospital.  I couldn't believe when they brought it in and said this is for you.  He has slept with it since.  He thinks it's the coolest thing with boats on it.


Just beautiful!  The wonderful people who makes these beautiful quilts for children are totally awesome!
Jene` is washing her new car a 2001 Taraus.  She saved and bought it and I'm hoping and praying that it will last for the next 4 years while she is in college.  Oh I'm not suppose to refer to it as the new car his name is Terrance.

Moving day came and I cried and cried while she was excited and couldn't wait. 
This is only part of the stuff waiting to be hauled out into the cars.  She still had the other side of the room with stuff all over and her bed covered it clothes to be taken out.
Her new home for the next 9 months.  With the exception of when she comes home on weekends and holidays.

Getting her room fixed up.

Taylor taking a break after helping haul all her stuff up a couple flights of stairs.

These were in the I don't want pile.  Wonder what I can make these old sheet sets into???  Any suggestions?

My sister gave Colin this Duck Tape kit to make a wallet. 
We got it made and he's putting his dollar in it.  There is enough tape left to make one more.

  Went to the Dollar Store and now I need to sit down and see what I can make with this stuff.

Oh shoot let me go ahead and add a few pictures of our summer of fun while Brendon and Kaylee were here.  We went to a workshop at Lowe's to build UFO's and you would have thought that was the best thing ever.  They loved it!

The cool thing was that the little red button on top you push and it lights up with flashing lights.

I better get ready for bed so I can get this child to school on time tomorrow.

Take Care :)


Susan said...

The kids are so big! My gosh, where did the babies go?

Mel said...

Oh Vicky, That quilt is stunning... Colin, you lucky little man! I want one....

Hey, your shelf looks nice, do you collect salt and pepper shakers? There was a yard sale here last year and there were literally hundreds of shakers, you would have loved it.

How was Jene's first week in her new apt?

Tell Colin if he gets to the point all his money won't fit in his new wallet, just send some to me... LOL

The two grandkids do look like they are eating it up, that's so nice and will plant memories for a lifetime.

Hey Vick, you've been working awful hard, you should rest up, take a nice nap or cuddle up with a good book, you deserve it!

Love ya,