Monday, September 20, 2010

HUGG, Freecycle, and Curtain I made

Hey All,

Last week was our elementary school's kick off for HUGG (Help Us Go Green).  They put out bins once a month to put your donations in.  Used cell phone, empty ink cartridges, and egg cartons.  We had been saving egg cartons all summer and was glad when we could go drop them off.  They are given to local farmers.  We also turned in our box tops and labels.  Now to start saving once again. 

The other day I saw a dresser on Freecycle and was lucky enough to get it.

It matches Colin's bed perfectly!

I also for the first time posted a wanted item on Freecycle... Fabric.  A nice lady responded and gave me some fabric, ribbon, and a couple patterns. 

Thank You Judy!!!! 

I couldn't wait to find something to make or try to make.  After doing the cover for the sewing machine I have been wanting to make something else.  After washing, drying, and ironing some of the fabric I couldn't help but think kitchen curtains with this one piece of fabric.  Saturday evening I went and took down one of the boys curtains for something to go by.  Just something easy to do.  Between Saturday evening and Sunday I finally had a pair of curtains.

close up of what the fabric looks like.
Now what to try to make next????????

Got to run to the bus stop it's that time already.

Take Care :)


Miriam said...

I love love love your kitchen curtains! What a beautiful job and cute fabric. Even better it was free :)

Mel said...

Hi Vicky,
You're the luckiest cousin I know... LOL

More free stuff, we must live in the wrong city... As, I'm told, "nothing" is free anymore.

I'm proud of your self teaching sewing program, you go girl!
Looks nice, a job well done.

See, now you can make Jene a set of curtains for her new apartment.

Love ya,

Farmchick said...

Wow -- good finds! Love the curtains...too cute!

Hope you can swing by my blog and visit sometime soon. :)

Paula said...

OOOOH! Love the curtains! And some great finds on Freecycle!

Anonymous said...

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