Friday, September 10, 2010

Sewing Machine Cover and Happening of the past couple weeks

Hey All,

The past couple weeks have been filled with one family crisis after another.  Get a phone call....  mom my car won't start...  make a trip to Columbia to find it needs a new altenator.  Get a message on facebook...  mom my phone is broke...  get another message... mom lost my debit card.  I call to cancel her card and the next day give her permission to use my upgrade to go get a phone since I was the only one that had an upgrade available.  During these couple days I also had to take one to the urologist and good news he can start going to recess and PE.  Next week he should be able to start back with Tae Kwon Do.  Took one to the orthodonist.  That day after the appointment I dropped him off at school and thought I am going to grab something from Burger King before I finish running errands.  Order my food and gave them my debit card and they said....  you need to call your bank.  I left and came home and called the bank they said you need to call this 800 number so I did.  They informed me that my card had been reported lost not my daughter's card.  No I gave them her account not mine.  I'm sorry we will order you a new one and you can go to the bank and get a temporary card until that one arrives.  I head to the bank and am told we no longer issue those and haven't for many months.  Ok ya all really need to communicate with your 800 numbers.  First they cancel the wrong card and now they give the wrong information.  So he checked the accounts and they still hadn't blocked her card so they went ahead and did that and ordered her a new card.  Then he they have already issued you a new card so we will leave it at that.  Her card came in the mail last Friday and we took it to her over the weekend but I still didn't have mine yet and called and they said give it a few days with the holiday weekend and all.  Yesterday after the mail ran I called them again still no card!!!!  They went in and said ummmm I'm sorry but one wasn't ordered.  Now they are suppose to overnight one to the bank and since it was late in the day it will be Saturday....... I'M HOPING.  Now let's back up to the day I gave her permission to use my upgrade to get a phone.  I have had my phone for 6 or 7 years.  No problems with it and I love my phone.  That night I was talking to my mom and the cat wanted in.  I went over bent down and as I was lifting the bar out of the sliding glass door my phone slipped and hit the floor and the flip top came completely off.  The next day I went and was told I'm sorry you will have to pay full price you don't have an upgrade for 2 more months.  I said you can't help me since there is only 2 months left?  No.  I've been a customer for almost 12 years and have 4 phones and 1 internet service and you can't give on 2 months of a 2 year contract?  No.  I left because I wasn't paying $160 or more for a phone.  One of Dale's friend's had a phone so I am using that one for now.  Anyway my stress level is high from all this.  But I did find some time to craft.

I cleaned out closets and there was a t-shirt of Colin's that he has worn out it won't come white anymore after a few years of wearing non stop.  It's way too small and he was still trying to wear it.  I told him let me make it into a pillow for you and then you can sleep with it everynight.

I had been surfing around for an easy project that was not in a pillow form.  Sewing and I have not worked out well in the past.  I never had it in school and was never taught anything about a sewing machine.  Since getting this little machine several years ago about the only things I make are in a pillow form.  I found a sewing machine cover over on Chez Larsson's blog.  It only took me working on it on and off a day to finally get it cut out and pinned.  The pinning part was not going well and I almost gave up on it.  Finally by 11:00 that night I had it pinned.  The next morning I got up and sewed it and it's not perfect but I did it and it fits.  This is my new cover made from a pillowcase Jene` no longer wanted.

Other happenings around here.... Dale got his number for football...

Go number 8!!!

I think Jene` has lost her room.  The room that NO brother's or animals was allowed to go into.

I see a boy, dog, and cat all in her bed.  While he was in there watching TV he had yelled out...  Hey mom I like the brown walls but this PINK stuff has to go.  She had called and was talking to him and he said... oh by the way I don't like your pink stuff so I'm going to change it.  She said you better be staying out of my room.  He said ummmm......  too late it's mine now I put my toys in there.  I could hear her yelling.... PUT MOM ON THE PHONE.  Ahhhhhhhh  the joys of being mom!

I better get this day started and get something done.

Take Care :)


Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness! Where to start? It seems when one thing goes wrong, it all does! But, gracious! You've have your share!

I LOVE the sewing machine cute! Really good job! I'm jealous!

Mel said...

Hey, I thought you couldn't sew, you did a great job on your sewing machine cover.

Rumor has it, troubles come in three's, if this is true, your out of the woods now.

Yes, I agree with Colin, the pink has to go.... look he is sleeping so soundly.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Vickie- I agree with Mel... I think you're quite a seamstress! I love the pillow (that was a neat idea by the way) and the sewing machine cover is very cute.
Sorry you had all the trouble out of your phone and card- my brother and his wife just found out someone has been using their debit card... in Spain!! Stuff like that scares me.
Hang in there- it's bound to get better soon!!

Queen of the Click said...


I love hearing about your life....there's always so much going on and such sweet pics.

Glad your bank issues were cleared up. I didn't realize how dependent I was on using the card until this summer when I experienced trouble with someone using my card.

Absolutely adore your dollar store challenge. It's such a cute wreath.

How hard was it to make the sewing machine cover. I need to make one too.

SewSurprising said...

Your sewing machine cover turned out beautifully, and your cushion is a gem. And on the bright side things come in three's so you should be right for at least six months hahahah