Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey All,

So much for keeping up with that weekly menu!  If you all thought I have been using the same one every week think again.  Week one I did do pretty good with it.  Week two never got out of the planning stage.  I am going to try again. lol  What do they say.... Try, Try, And Try Again.  Have you ever looked at all the cookbooks in the kid's section at the library.  There are times when we find ourselves looking at them.  Today was one of those days Colin likes to help me cook and I like to get these books to help guide him.  We found 3 books that we brought home today... Paula Deen's my first cookbook... Emeril's There's A Chef In My Soup! Recipes for the kid in Everyone... Emeril's There's a Chef in My Family! Recipes to Get Everybody Cooking. 

My little chef started going through these books as soon as we got in the car to come home.  As we were driving home I heard this coming from the back seat... Oh man Chicken Pot Pie.......  Honey Butter with Homemade Bread I want Honey butter...... Stone Soup  See mom I told you stone soup was real.  Those recipes are out of Paula Deen's book.  Upon getting home he had to take a break from the books daddy surprised us with dinner ready to eat.  Homemade chili and homemade cornbread!  Yum it was so good!!  I need to go to the library more often on a Saturday. lol    After dinner we quickly looked through the other two books and Emeril also has some yum-a-lishous recipes to try out.  I told my little chef to pick out one recipe from each book and we would try to make them this week.  Sorry I can't tell you what they will be because he still hasn't made a decision yet. 

It has turned cold here!!!  I have had to pull out my slipper socks and fuzzy pj's.  Found the rice bags and electric blanket.  It did get into the 40's today so they say but you could have fooled me.  It felt a lot colder than that.  The sky looked like it wanted to snow but we got rain.  It did snow about an hour away at my sister's house.  My nose is cold!  My hands are cold!  My feet are cold!  I'm ready for spring!!!!  Ya all know I freeze if it's below 60 out and I consider it winter when it does drop below 60.  Oh I have to tell ya all what bright idea my child came up with today.  I was talking to my sister she had called to say it was snowing.  I told her it was raining here and it was too warm to snow.  My child said just put some fans out there to cool it off then it will snow.  I busted out laughing how does he come up with this stuff? 

I'm going to go snuggle up with my book.  Night All!

Take Care :) 


Anonymous said...

I'm freezin' this really cold...25* this morning! And I know what you mean about your nose being cold...I can be warm everywhere else, but my nose is always cold! I'm glad to see the 'Little guy' likes to cook! My son did, but 'the girl' had no interest!

Paula said...

Sounds like you little chef has found some yummy new recipes he wants to try, Vickie!
It is painfully cold here right now- the high yesterday was 29 and all I did all day long was clear the ice out of the animals waterers... looks like I'll be doing the same today because it's only 22 right now... BRRRRR!!

Susan said...

It's always the boys. Mine love to cook! Just wish I could get them to clean up after themselves.

Cold here the last couple of days. Winter came earlier than expected. No snow yet.

Queen of the Click said...

It must be so busy at your house around now with the holidays quickly approaching~

Have you made anything new?