Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cabin Fever or Winter Blues

Hey All,

Today was the first warm day we have had in many.  We still have some snow and ice left that hasn't melted.  The kids missed 3 days of school and then had a 3 hour delay on Thursday and a 2 hour delay on Friday.  The road coming down into our neighborhood is all wooded so the sun has a hard time melting the roads.  They sent vans in here to pick up the kids instead of buses.  Good thing there aren't many kids leaving down here.  Today with the high at 50 we started having a good melt down.  It seems good to be able to walk outside and not slip and hope you are not going to fall. 

This has been a long cold winter and I don't know how much more I can take of it.  I am so ready for spring!  This past week has put me into a winter blue mood.  Not being able to get out and go to the Y or the library.  I need some new projects and getting on track with my exercise program.  Monday the kids have school for half a day and I am going to take advantage of it.  Look out YMCA I will be there ready for a workout early Monday morning.  I miss the bosu ball and the leg press machine.  Those are my favorites!!  I also need to go check out the new Aldi's that opened up Thursday and I think I'll do that tomorrow afternoon.

I do have some possible happy news.  Jene` came home yesterday for her birthday and wanted to know if she could come back home and go to York Tech next year.  She has found out that living in an apartment with 3 other girls isn't what she thought it would be like.  She has found out it's no fun working to pay for rent and food and not having anything left over for fun is all it's cracked up to being.  She has to make her final desion the the 1st of Feb because that is when the apartment complex needs to know if the kids will be staying or leaving for the next school year.  Right now she can't wait for May to get here so she can come home.  I said you had to try it your way but isn't this what we wanted you to do to begin with.  She said I know but I thought it would be different and I would like it.  I've got to say she has done good so far keeping her grades up, working, paying her rent, putting gas in her car, fixing her car, and buying food.  She has had a small taste of the real world and would rather not make it so complicated for herself for the next couple of years.  I told her you are going to have your whole life to pay bills so right now enjoy life while you can.  Now to get through these next few months with good grades and keeping her rent on time and then she can come home. 

I guess I had better go get a kid into bed.  It's been a long day and I'm ready for him to go to sleep so I can head there.

Take Care :) 


Miriam said...

Oh! What a sweet story. Thanks for your encouraging words over at my blog this evening. They are our babies, no matter how old!

ABamaMom said...

Hey! Well, there's no place like home, huh?

I know what you mean about cabin fever! We still have about 2 inches of snow and ice just won't MELT! The roads are good and I've finally been able to get out...winter's not over and I'm already wishing it was! Have a good one!

Mel said...

Hey Vicky,
I would suppose things are slowly getting back to the normal stage for you all down there.

Thank God, that in the south spring starts in less than 4 weeks... Us on the other hand have about 2 1/2 to 3 more months of this "stuff"...

I does help to work out, will lift your spirits, pump it up and maybe just thinking about me while your working out will help me to burn some extra calories.... LOL

Jene, wants to come back home, I've heard that girls will always come back to mom and dad at some point in their lives, boys when they leave it's for good.

That will be good for everyone, and Jene will have a lot of weight lifted off her shoulders.

My perscription for you for today.... Go out and catch some sun, sounds like you may be lacking in Vitamin D.

Hugs from your cousin,