Sunday, January 16, 2011

Woooooooooo Hooooooooo Aldi's!!

Hey All,

WOW oh WOW I went to the new Aldi's today that is only 5 minutes away.  They had some awesome opening deals!!!  Bread .25, eggs .79, and salad mix .69 plus a $5.00 coupon that came in the mail.  To start off with I took my coupon and left got there and had to drive around the parking lot twice in order to get a parking spot.  Oh Yeah jammed packed with people!  This one is bigger than the others I go to and a lot nicer.  I know of course it's bran spanking new.  I picked up a lot of things I dread getting at the grocery store because of prices like vegtable oil and cooking spray.  Fresh veggies!!!  We are going to have salad tonight!  I also picked up a head of cabbage I have been craving this chinese dish that I would always order and it's a veggie dish with cabbage, celery, and onions.  But I had this idea of making a soup so I picked up the things to go in that and I'm going to make it one night this week.  I hope it's good!  Ya all can help me out this is what I plan on putting in it so far...
chicken stock
a few splashes of soy

Anything else???  Anyone have any ideas????  I thought I would make some corn bread to go with it.  I still have a couple days to think about this I will probably make it on Tuesday.

I better get going I still have laundry to do and get things ready for tomorrow.

Take Care :)


Mel said...

Hi Vick,

Congrats to you all for the new Aldi's store. Wow, only 5 minutes away, I have to travel about 10 minutes... I'm not complaining though.

Make sure to pick up their chicken stock, They have a brand that is real low in sodium (fit & active) I believe it is.

It's handy for homemade soups. I get a majority of my produce there, olive oil, sugar, flour, cheese, Hummus, hamburg, etc.

Sorry, I missed your calls today, I had a house full (kids and all the grandkids) invited them for dinner. I fixed enchilada casserole, and tamales, Autumn made sopapilla's for dessert.

We all got our tummies full....

I'll call you sometime tomorrow after Danny goes home. He wanted to stay the night, and is watching "The Eight Legged Monsters" with Grampy.

Have a good night dear cousin. love, Mel

Paula said...

Hey Miss Vickie~ you lucky ducky, I wish we had an Aldi's!
Mmmmm... I love homemade veggie soup!!