Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dinosaur Laid To Rest

Hey All,

There was no hope for my ever loving PC.  It finally had enough abuse from this family and decided it was time for a long rest.  I guess it was time it was old, very old.  I now have a laptop that hubby surprised me with.  Thank You Honey!!!!  Now I just have to figure out what all it does.  I discovered this cool thing with sticky notes so now my screen is full of reminders. The thing I am having the biggest problem with is the keyboard.  My fingers don't fit this like my old keyboard.  I also need a chair a bit taller because I'm having a hard time with the computer desk.  Oh well I'll get it all worked out in time.

I have a few projects I'm working on but these will take a while to complete. One project I am having to wait on toilet paper rolls to become empty.  Seems to be taking forever to get enough of them.  The other project I am collecting caps from soda bottles.  Another thing that is going by slowly.  I need a project that I can see the results of and after reading a post over on Blessings Overflowing I have decided to try to make some napkins to cut down on paper ones.  Once I'm finished I'll take some pictures and then try to figure out how to load them into this new machine. 

I better get to bed I need to be up early to make sure this teen is all packed and ready to go to the beach with his friends.  Brave parents taking 3 teenage boys to the beach.

Take Care :)


Paula said...

Good Morning, Vickie!
Yay on your new computer, but isn't it funny how they can be so exciting yet so terrifying at the same time? *hehe*

ABamaMom said...

Lucky computer! I noticed on my husband's laptop that the keys were smaller, so...when I bought mine I made sure they fit my fingers!

Wish you lived closer to me, I've got oodles of TP rolls! (Did you know they're "testing" tubeless TP?...what will people do without having the tubes for crafts? OH! Never mind, Hobby Lobby will start selling them! LOL!)