Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Surprise Package

Hey All,

Who doesn't like getting a surprise package in the mail?  I do!!!  I went to my mailbox yesterday and pulled out what seemed to be a letter from my cousin.  I opened it and instead of a letter I found this...

It's a Streak-Less Wiping Cloth The Next Generation to wash almost anything with.  You just wet it with warm water and wring out and wipe off whatever.  I only had about a half hour before I had to leave and go to school for pickup but I couldn't wait to try it out.  I washed the sliding glass doors, bathroom mirrors, a small part of the bathroom tiles.  I didn't have to use any windex or cleaners.  WOW!  And the best part when it dried NO STREAKS!!!! 

While waiting in the carpool lane I called my cousin to thank her for the wonderful gift.  I asked her where she had gotten it from and she said from their local furniture store.  They purchase them from the Amish when they go to pick up furniture in Lancaster.  I'm going to have to do some searching and see where I can get these.  

Thanks again Mel I love it!!!

Take Care :)    


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks so much Vickie for stopping in and checking on us! We were so lucky that the tornadoes skipped over us. Cullman is only 8 miles south of us and parts of it is destroyed. Arab is 30 miles away and was hit by 2 different tornadoes. And Huntsville was hit several times. I count my blessings daily! (Think I'm also going to invest in a storm shelter!)

Mel said...

My pleasure Vicky, I just couldn't believe it, after I bought one and brought it home. I started just washing the inside of the windows. It worked better than I expected, before I knew it, I cleaned everything I could think of downstairs and went upstairs to see what I could try it on. I have a second one saved for a later use. This is worth it's weight in gold, I figure, save money on chemical cleaners, plus no paper towels to come behind yourself and dry whatever it is your cleaning.

It makes me happy, just knowing I saved you time and money.

Love you,