Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Catchup

Hey All,

Do you remember a couple months ago when someone had ran into Colin and he went flying onto the pavement at school?  Three of his teeth were broke and he had to have 2 root canals.  Here is the final fix they used a compound to build up the 3 teeth because he is too young for crowns.  He has to be careful because they will break easily.  But for now they are fixed.

Geeze a year has gone by already he went for his yearly eye exam and these are his new glasses.  It's hard getting a picture of this child with his eyes open.

We spent some of Earth Day at Lowe's.  Colin and daddy made this birdhouse that attaches to a window in the build and grow clinic. 

They gave each child a reusable bag to go along with their kit.  They were also giving away one tree per family.  Got to LOVE it!  We gave our tree to a friend who was getting ready to move into a new home.  It's not like we need another tree with the also 100 or more that we already have. 

I wanted to get these pictures up before another day slipped by into another month.

Take Care :)


Paula said...

Colin's teeth look very natural! And his new glasses are great.
I love the little birdhouse... especially where it says "home tweet home"! *giggle*

Claudia said...

Colin's teeth are looking great !