Friday, August 24, 2007

10th Grade

Our little girl is growing up so fast by the time we know it she will be on her way to college. She likes all her classes for far but of course it's only been 3 days. She hates riding the bus it is so overcrowded this year and she has complained daily about it.

This year they will be going to Hollywood to sing for Chorus. She is excited but then again a little disappointed because a lot of the kids that was in chorus last year have to go to the new high school this year so they won't be on this trip with her. With a new year of chorus comes a new year of fundraising for the trip... oh joy! Also her top from last year has been discontinued so she will have to have another new one this year. Which we need to go get that ordered because it will have to be taken in.

Auditions for the play starts Monday... The Sound of Music. She can't make up her mind what she wants to try out for. If she doesn't get a part she will be part of the chorus. We will find out next week.

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