Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catching Up

Hey All,

How is eveyone? I've been sick I spent most of last week sleeping. First it was allergies that went into a sinus infection and now I'm feeling better but have a horrible cough that just won't go away. Hopefully I'm good on the getting sick department for awhile because nothing and I mean nothing gets done around here. Mom will do it when she is better!

I finally got my camera back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That child is not going to take it again!!!!!! So on to catching up with all the pictures.

This is a picture of the girls for the Powder Puff game. Yes, my little princess played flag football and I was amazed she was really good. I worried the whole time that she would get hurt since this was the night before Home Coming. Now let me tell you the seniors played the juniors and those juniors are MEAN girls. They were hitting, punching, and jabbing. A few of them ended up on the ground by the senior they were brave enough to hit and were told to be nice. Ahhhhh my little princess was one of those that after getting punch in the chest knocked one down and said which you could hear all the way up in the stands........ what is your problem? This is a game! BE NICE!!! I don't condone hitting back and fighting but I do think the seniors handled themselves well with a little reminder to some of those that they needed to be nice.

This is the blanket Taylor had given to Jene` right after the Powder Puff game. He wanted her to have it before Home Coming so she could use it at that game if it was cold out.

This was a week of all sorts of stuff going on. Spirit week is always a fun time around here doing different things each day. Monday was PJ day and it was a cold rainy day. But it ended up not being a normal day as planned. I got a phone call at 1:00 saying that the high school was being dismissed because of a bomb threat. Now I did get more than a little upset when I found out my children had been sitting on a bus or in the football locker room at the football stadium since 11:00. Once they decided to dismiss classes those kids on buses were told to get off and go into the stadium and the kids in the locker rooms were also put out. It was cold and raining!!! When they were told to leave the school the kids thought it was a drill and most all of them left bookbags in the school. So when they dismissed school those kids that drove that had to put their keys into their bookbags that were still in the school couldn't get in to get them. And they weren't told this until after standing outside in the rain for an hour when they were told you need to find a way home. By the time I was called to come pick up and getting to the school and waiting in the long line to pick up it was after 2:30 when they got home freezing and soaked. The good thing that we did find out was that this was a prank and a few days later we found out that it wasn't made by any students.

This day was group day. If you wanted to be in a group you decided what you wanted to do. Dale's group did Octo Mom and babies. Here is three of the babies. Awwwwwwwww aren't they cute? Just incase you can't tell the middle baby is the cutest! lol I couldn't believe Dale and his friends wanted to do this and that they dressed up and went to school like this. That his friend pulled up in his car dressed like this and they all loaded in and with bonnets on went driving down the road. I wish I had a picture of the whole group! They also wore these for halloween.

This was Jazzercise day. I think Jene` and Taylor are having too much fun during their senior year. lol This is one of the weeks that my camera was missing and I can tell you I had to spend a lot of the morning going through the pictures to upload because this child took pictures like crazy during this week of fun. And she says I'm a photo-a-holic!

Jene`, Dale, and Colin right before Home Coming and everyone went into different directions.
Home Coming Court. All the girls look beautiful!

Jene` and Tony

Ya gotta love these pictures he was really getting into the game. Because the Powder Puff game was the night before and everyone was chanting go seniors go he was chanting that at this game also. And holding up the banner and getting a better look through his scope.

Dale and his friends supporting his sister. There was planned another boy that was going to wear an E but at the last minute couldn't come so Dale had to do a little adjusting at the last minute.

Jene` and Taylor wanted to take the little alien out trick or treating. I think she is realizing that she may not be here next year to take part in a lot of different things. That she won't be able to come home for every little thing.
Whew! It's only taken me 3 hours to get to this point. Am I slow? Uploading photos.... typing... reorganizing photos. Holy Cow! But now I am to the point of this last weekend so people this posting is almost done. Okay already I hear ya yelling...... come on get it over with already!

I found a syrup recipe a while back and said I was going to give it a try. Finally the store bought syrup was used up Saturday morning so I went ahead washed out the bottle and then made this. Now the verdict is not in yet so I can't tell you if the kids like it. I can't tell you I like it because I don't even have to try it I don't like syrup it's too sweet. But I will let you know in the near future how well it was liked or disliked.

Homemade Syrup

1 cup water
1/2 teaspoon maple flavoring
2 cups sugar

Bring water to boil. Add sugar and flavoring. Stir to dissolve. Cook 1 to 2 minutes stirring constantly. Let cool before pouring into bottle.

The weekend was totally beautiful! After having 4 days of rain and wind it seemed good to get outside. I was feeling better and didn't want to spend any time inside. So with all the leaves that had fallen I decided to work outside. I have many outside projects planned for the next couple of months while it's colder out and those slithering things should be hiding someplace warm. Money is an issue right now so the remodeling as been put on hold so I can concentrate on the outside and I don't have to worry about money because it's mostly all hard labor required to get the projects done.
OH MY GOSH I don't think I'm ever going to get done. My mouse doesn't want to work right.

Mommy and Daddy's little helper. He worked hard to get that pile to play in.

OOOpppppppssssssss I guess while fighting with the mouse to move these last two pictures I took out some pictures along the way because they are not here now. Oh well on to what is left.

I decided to tackle this tree. See all those vines it's years of zudu. Since moving here we have concentrated on the inside now it's time to start tackling some of the outside mess.

Dale helping mommy.

Tony down the hill cutting wood.

Oh my gosh I just deleted more pictures out. I hate going to upload them now because I've noticed if I put pictures on here after I start typing then my layout is all out of whack. Oh well I guess I'll give it a try anyway.

These are out on the side of what is suppose to be yard. Over the spring with all the rain it was nothing but kudzu.

After hours of blowing leaves and cutting vines it now looks like this. I still have a lot more to do out there.

And after hours this is what that tree looks like out front. Yes, still more work to do here also.

I noticed six of these little critters all over the mailbox and paper box while we were out. By the time I went and grabbed the camera I could only find three of them.

Colin working on his project called an Owner Stick. After he finishes it I will post it.
It's only taken 4 hours!!!! Now lets see if it will stay like this or if it will be out of whack because I had added more pictures. I have to go now and work outside for a couple of hours. It's suppose to start raining for a couple days again so then I can work inside. It needs it!!
Take Care :)


Mel said...

Good Golly; Miss Molly, you all sure have been busy. I remember that kudzu stuff, it takes over everything if you don't clear it away like you all have been doing.

I hope, you were able to get your computer mouse to function properly. We've had trouble with ours like that before, it is frustrating...

We are so enjoying our extended fall weather. It has been so mild and so sunny, I just love it! Autumn & I actually walked in short sleeve shirts (outside, no less) in the middle of November.
"God is Good"

Love ya,

Susan said...

Your always so busy Vickie, where do you find the time to do anything.

Happy to hear you got your camera back, now I could see all the goodies your going to make!

Anonymous said...

I read this a few days ago, but didn't have time to comment. All I can say is "Wow"! You're one busy lady! Hope you're feeling better...love the pictures of the kids! Thanks for the happy wishes!