Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Morning :)

Hey All,
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and are safely back from traveling. The kids are NOT excited about going back to school today and a couple actually thought about pretending to be sick. But their plan faltered when they were discussing it in front of me. DUH HUH Then of course for me to get back into the swing of things this morning I over slept and Colin missed the bus so I had to take him. The other two are now leaving and I'm looking forward to the house being quiet. I have many errands to run today before the rain gets here this afternoon. Yeah rain AGAIN! Atleast we had some beautiful days while they were out of school. But it's to rain this afternoon and then again on Wednesday and Thursday.
As promised here is some pictures of Colin's owner stick he made for school. He took it in last Monday and the first picture was when he had finished it. I didn't realize that he had turned it and gotten a picture of it backwards. The second is after he returned from school with it and also his head dress he made in school.
The Owner Stick.... the sticks painted red, light blue and gold. Red because that is his favorite color, light blue because that represents the Tarheels his favorite teams, and gold, well, just because he likes gold.
The brontosaurus because he has always had a fascination with dinosaurs and the long necks are his favorite. Hey now they are plant eaters. The cotton balls at the top are to represent golf balls and that he likes to play with daddy and Dale. The sled hanging on the one side is because he loves snow. The Christmas paper hanging down on both sides because he loves presents. And the fish at one end is because he loves going fishing with daddy even though he never catches anything.
There had to be atleast 2 things or more on the stick to represent him. He had to tell about his owner stick without getting off topic. He made a 100!!!!

Okay you know how when you pack up and move there are things that never get unpacked? The other day I was looking through some boxes and what did I find but this frog I crossed stitched some 16 maybe 17 years ago. The frame it was in didn't have the glass and this poor thing looked pitiful sitting in that box. Years of dust and yuck all over it. I took it out and soaked it for about an hour and you can still see some yellowing if you look really close but it certainly does look better than it did. I found another old frame to put it in, this time with glass and hung it up. Sorry had to take a side view so the flash wouldn't be in the center of the picture. But it says........ Life has it's Up's and Down's! Someday I'll get a better frame for it but for now it has it's place on the wall once again.

Friday morning we went to leave and this is what we saw when we went out the door. The tree just snapped in half! I don't think it was windy that night.

I'm getting there! I worked out in the side yard yesterday afternoon and my goal is to get to that tree. It's a slow process but inch by inch I'm getting there. I'm determined that this is going to be actual yard come next spring. Ok, well not quite it will be a good mud pit before yard. lol
Well I had better get in gear and get to those errands before the rain gets here. One stop is the dump. Maybe I can get things done before the rain gets here and work out in the yard some.
Take Care :)


Farm Chick Paula said...

Hey Miss Vickie! Sounds like the kids were trying to pull a fast one on you by acting sick! That's too funny- I remember trying that myself.
Colin's stick is very neat! He did a good job on that. Don't work too hard in the yard!!

scrappy quilter said...

I chuckled at the kids trying to stay home. My kids use to always wonder if I had eyes in the back of my head because I could always tell when they were up to something. Hugs..

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about having some peace and quiet at home. I thought mine would never leave...LOL! Now we have Christmas break to look forward to! And that's just around the corner...*sigh*...I'm not ready yet!

Mel said...

Hey Vickie,
Unpacked boxes, left over after a move??.. who has unpacked boxes? LOL

Oh yes, the making believe you are sick game, in order to stay home from school. I remember someone telling me if you rubbed a bar of soap under your arm (armpit) you'd get a low grade fever, nope; doesn't work. What worked for me was... after the furnace kicked on, holding your head over the register that is blowing out hot air, then; racing to your mothers side to tell her you didn't feel well. Worked for me!

That's bad, God forgive me...


Susan said...

Kids will be kids!

Leaves, I'm so done with them here.