Monday, November 2, 2009

The Day Coming To An End

Hey All,

The time flew by today and I didn't get much scratched off my to do list. Ran a couple errands this morning and one of them was to the library and it's never a quick trip when I stop there. Colin reads every night to record in his book log so he goes through a lot of books. He likes it when I go and he comes home from school and there is new books for him to pick from. During the summer he spends a lot of time there but during the school year he just likes to come home and pick out something to read. He likes me to find books that he can go onto Book Adventure and take a test after he reads them. But this is a chore in itself because I have to go search Book Adventure to see what they have test for then go onto the library site and see if they have the books or if I need to request them from a different library. Many books he would like to read we just can't find at the library. I have asked for permission to start making up test so we will see how that goes.

I did manage to get the living room and dining room vacuumed and mopped. The area rug shampooed. Some dusting done and the boxes of halloween and camping gear dragged into the laundry room. Have to have help getting them into the storage room. A couple loads of laundry done and the deck swept off. Washed the sliding glass door windows... all the nose prints on the lower half. Dishes done up, dinner made, and dishes done up once again. Oh I forgot I did wash the table and chair legs oh man were they disgusting!!!!!! How????? How can they get that bad without noticing it sooner????? Tomorrow is another day and more time to get more of my list done. I do need to add working on my blog to the list. lol I've noticed while trying to surf around that many of the links no longer work or they have moved.

I started cutting out this apron... hmmmmmmm... it's not a pattern it's the apron that you cut out and then sew. I had bought 2 of them a few years ago when the little princess wanted to learn how to sew for her and her friend. Ok, that sewing thing didn't last long enough for her to try anything other than a boa scarf and a couple pillows. Anyhow I have one of them cut out and ready to sew or ATTEMPT to sew but first I have to get my sewing machine back it's out on loan. Oh yeah they had that mole project to do!!! Ya all remember we had to do that one last year. And I just can't wait because we will have it to do again next year. I just hope he gets an easy element to work with like his sister did. Anyhow back to the apron I was thinking that I should make up a pattern so in the future if I want to make one I can use whatever I have on hand. Well that's if I can get this one done right. lol And I'll have to find some paper big enough to trace it. I guess they should have something like that at Hobby Lobby or Hancock's. Or maybe I could find some butcher paper to use that would be big enough. Anyone have any suggestions?

It's already 11:00 so I guess I had better walk these two mutts and find fat cat and bring him in. Since it's starting to cool down at night he doesn't like to stay out if I don't bring him in now I will be awakened in a few hours to this horrific meowing until I get up and let him in. Yeah I know all the animals here are SPOILED!

Take Care :)


scrappy quilter said...

Looks like you had a busy day. Aren't books great...our C and J both are avid readers. We use to love getting them books to read. Now they can choose their own books. It always amazes me how many books they bring home from the library each time we visit.

btw - we went to our bear making class today. What a riot. I'll post a picture later this week. Hugs..

Susan said...

Yes, you said it, tomorrow is another day.

Where do you find time to do everything??

Mel said...

Must be we have the bug, cleaning bug that is... I spent the day cleaning out some old junk mail, clearing off the "stuff" that covered the counter tops in the laundry room. Vacummed the whole downstairs, did 2 loads of laundry, mopped the floors, dusted the dressers and night tables in our bedroom, took a 10 minute siesta, grabbed a sandwich, made a nice dinner complete with a homemade apple pie and now here I sit blogging.

Now that the days are getting shorter and much colder, it is time to dust off our sewing machines, and crochet needles isn't it?

I have been reading a book titled "Tuesdays with Morrie" By: Mitch Albom. It is a wonderful book, and brings back so many fond memories of one of my favorite clients. I'm stretching it along, it's so good I don't want to be done with it yet. LOL

Hope tomorrow is a little less busy for ya Cuz.


Love ya,