Monday, November 2, 2009

Manic Monday

Hey All,

It's Monday and I've started my to do list for the week. Ya know those daily task that just doesn't seem to stay done. Laundry that multiplies as fast as you can do it. Vacuuming and mopping that never ends with a long haired collie. Oh yes the little witch and the cats contribute to this as well as the kids and hubby. Not exactly sure who is worse with the tracking through when it comes to the kids and hubby. And it doesn't help matters any that the collie loves to bark and attack the vacuum cleaner while I'm trying to run it. Yeah I have gone through vacuums with this one between his hair burning out motors and with him biting holes into the hose. As my neighbor likes to say he's a little pycho. Oh lets get back to the list dusting which takes forever... did I mention a long haired collie. It makes me wonder why I do these chores at all because as soon as I'm done with one thing and move onto another the first thing I have done has hair on it. He certainly lets me know he is here. lol

I need to start getting leaves up the rain and wind have done a number around here. Also have several branches to pick up. Saturday night just as the little munchkin was getting ready to leave for trick or treating it started to down pour but it didn't last long. He was able to go out and have a fun time gathering goodies. But when the kids came home they weren't here long and it started to down pour again and lasted a few hours. I still can't believe big sister offered to take him out and about. Maybe she is realizing she will more than likely be gone next year and won't be home for halloween.

Aaahhh yeah that weekly list... take care of halloween decorations and camping gear. Sweep off deck and take care of all pots. I have some mending that needs to be done. And several errands to run the calendar seems to have something on it for everyday this week.

I better get busy the floor looks dry over there so I can move the area rug back and give it a quick shampooing. Move stuff out of the way so I can do the other half of the room. And the fight will start again with the vacuum and that long haired collie.

Take Care :)


scrappy quilter said...

You are definitely busy!! It's just so good to see you blogging.

Vickie said...

Thanks Scrappy I've missed you too!