Monday, January 17, 2011

Rubbery Legs!

Hey All,

After a week and half of no gym time I finally made it there this evening.  The little munchkin had Tae Kwon Do and I went up to the gym.  Why they put the gym on the second floor is beyond me.   Ya know I never think of that until I'm done working out and have to walk down them.  Since the first of the year it's been packed in the evenings and it's hard trying to get to a machine.  The only thing available was a bike when I first got there no biggie the bike is my normal routine.  I decided to set it at 3 to start off with and had intended working it up to 6 which is where I was at a week and a half ago.  Yeah that didn't happen!  The 3 setting was a workout and I started feeling it right away I had to keep pushing through the pain in the thighs.  After a mile I turned it down to 2 and did another mile still pushing through with the chant going in my head... 2 miles 2 miles 2 miles.  Not my 5 miles I was up to!  Once I completed the 2 miles I went to get on the leg press but it was sadly taken so I jumped on a treadmill.  I decided I better take this slow also since those thighs were already burning and gradually got it up to 2.8 and did a mile.  Rubbery Legs!!!  My intensions were then to do the bosu for a bit but there wasn't any floor space for another person to work over there.  Went back to check out the leg press and still taken.  So off to the rowing machine and by this time I only had about 5 minutes but I can't say what I did do in those 5 minutes because the monitor wasn't working on that one.  Oh well it was only about 5 minutes worth but still enough.  It was time to go downstairs to get the little munchkin and oh those stairs... RUBBERY LEGS!  In my head I could hear this little voice... Weeble Wobble BUT Don't Fall Down!

The little munchkin is down with his shower and now I'm off for mine.

Take Care :)


Paula said...

*hehe* I know how you feel, Vickie! I've been trying to use our treadmill and first time I used it I almost passed out!

Susan said...

I've also been working out a bit more than I would. I dont like that feeling afterwards at all. Hopefully, one day, I wont feel like that. :)

Really have to go check Aldi's out. Hearing too much about it.

Susan said...

Hey Vickie, where you've been.

Hope all is well.