Monday, February 7, 2011

Volcano, Musical Instrument, And Some Rambling

Hey All,

A couple weeks ago we pulled out the volcano kit Colin had gotten for Christmas.  He was so excited and bugged and begged until I was finally able to help him with it.

We got everything out of the package and ready to make.  He sat there and looked at it and said... this is going to be a volcano?

We got it all mixed up and poured into the mold.  He was so excited!  Until he found out that we needed to let it set till the next day.  The next day it still wasn't dry and the day after still not dry finally on the third day it was dry.
I found some paints so he could paint it. 
Finally the next day it was ready to make eruptions.  Oh my he was so excited and he also had his sister and her boyfriend there to watch.  We put in 5 little tablets that came with it and the club soda as it called for.  Me with camera in hand waiting for it to explode with fizzy stuff.  NOTHING happened!  He said lets put in a couple more tablets maybe there isn't enough.  So we did.  And NOTHING!  Big sister went and grabbed the baking soda while I went and got the vinegar and we had the volcano erupting all over the place.  Sorry with all the delays and then excitment I had put my camera down and had forgotten all about taking pictures.  But I can tell you he was very HAPPY!   And now he has a volcano he can erupt anytime he wants.

He had to make a musical instrument for a science project.  They were doing a unit on sound.  When he came home telling about this he had already a basic idea of what he wanted to do.  He went through the recycle bin and pulled out cans.  A green bean can, a soup can, a mandrin orange can and a can of canned chicken.  I washed them out so he wouldn't cut his hands and we let them dry.  Over the weekend we had some really beautiful weather and I had some spray paint left over from another project and he painted two red and two blue.  After they dried he then glued them into a shoe box lid made a sign with the name of his instrument... Drum a Phone.  He then got a wooden spoon and just put wrapped some pipe cleaner around the handle of it to give it a different look.  Then he went to town hitting the cans making music.  He discovered that each can because of it's different size made different sounds.  By accident he also discovered that the two cans that have ridges along the sides if you rub up and down on them that also makes a different sound.  These are the kinds of projects he loves to do.  I can't wait until tomorrow to see what kind of grade he got on it.

Now onto other happenings. 

Two of the kids have been sick.  Jene` had to come home she was so sick and then Dale got it.  Luckily knock on wood no one else has gotten it.  They both tested negative for both strep and the flu but they had all the syptoms.  I guess we caught it in time before it was full blown.

I haven't been crafting.  My creative juices aren't flowing.  Saturday I needed to take some books to the library and wandered around the crafting section and found a Woman's Day Crafts at Home book.  Many ideas in that book!  A picture frame table... a garden guy...  a bandanna quilt... peach & pear cross stitch... to name a few things.  I have also been browsing around the internet finding some different crochet projects.  Anyway back to this book it has this table that they used a vinegar paint recipe to paint it.  Have you heard of doing this?  It looks really nice.  Then there is a garden bench that they used Rit Liquid Dye and dyed it.  Have you ever heard of this?  I do like the look!  For now I need to go through my crafting stuff and find something on hand to start making.  Oh that does remind me I never took a picture of the cover I made for the microscope.  I will have to do that.

How much beef jerky does one man need??????  That is the question of the day.  They had london broil on sale and a friend wanted to know if we would make jerky for him.  He went and bought two london broils now we can only do one at a time.  Got it ready and started it Saturday.  Saturday night Tony comes home with two more london broils.  I said did that put you in the mood for your own?  He said.... Jamie went and bought two more he wants them all done up.  Do What????  Is he crazy?  Anyway number 3 is in the dehydrator now and number 4 is marinating.  As all I have to say is he should be jerky'd out before it's gone.  

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!  Does Mother Nature not listen to the Groundhog?  They are forecasting that "S" word for Thursday.  Only about an inch but still that is an inch too much!

Last week I didn't exercise yeah I know bad.  I went this evening and rode the bike worked on the seated leg press and the abdominal.  They were packed and it was hard getting a machine to work on.  I had gained and I guess that put me over the edge and I didn't workout last week.  Today I weighed in to see how much more I gained and was shocked to see that I lost 2 1/2 lbs. 

I better get to bed morning comes too early.

Take Care :)


hann said...

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Claudia said...

Good to see you blogging again. Missed you. Yes, SO done with winter. Today it is -19 this morning. UFF DA !

Paula said...

Sounds like you've been a busy little bee, Vickie! I'll bet Colin's volcano was something to see!
Sorry you had some sick lil' chickies... Lordy, will this stuff ever quit going around!
And if your hubby is like my hubby, no amount of jerky is enough. LOL
Hope you're having a great week, dear!